Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All Grown Up

This past weekend our Worship Pastor got married. We used the occasion to get all dressed up. Heck, I even had TJ's hair cut! I was uploading some pictures today and I was dumbstruck by how grown up my little TJ has become!

I cropped out Ayron and myself for several reasons. I don't like pictures of myself and Ayron's eyes were closed.

Here he is at the reception drinking his "coffee" which was really just water out of the coffee cup.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How to Turn an Ordinary Boy into a Superhero

Step one: Find a seemingly innocent young boy.

Step Two: Find him a small, look alike toy.

Step 3: Teach him the superhero pose. Also, teach him to be nice to any random strawberries he finds.

Step 4: Test his ability to fly.

Step 5: Teach him to be friendly with fellow, look a like, superheros.

Step 6: Remind him that even superheros need to hold Daddy's hand when crossing the street.

Step 7: Reward your superhero's hard work with a treat.

Step 8: Allow your Clark Kent time to rest with his doggy.

Step 9: Hide the kryptonite!