Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day in the Sun

I took yesterday afternoon off to rest and spend some time with my family before my crazy summer schedule kicked in. We took TJ to the park in Hicksville Ohio and then swimming at a friends house. Here is a photo montage of our day.

She has recently become a smiling fool! She loves to giggle at TJ, which makes him laugh harder, which makes her giggle harder...it's a cute never ending cycle!

Giving me a goofy smile while climbing up the stairs.

Enjoying the shade and Grandma Reeves lap.

He was afraid to walk across the bridge. This was the split second he was brave enough to let go of the handrails.

Taking a break on the stage coach.

Giving Grandma Reeves the stink eye and tongue. When we told Grandma that Ella has recently began rolling over she said, "No, she's too young to know what she's doing." Ella made this face and rolled over. It was her way of saying, "Oh yeah?! I'll show you I can roll over!"

Action shot of the twisty slide.

Ella all ready to go swimming. Too bad she fell asleep and never actually made it into the water!

Swimsuit FAIL for Lilia!

TJ decided he needed some shades too.

Insert your own Elton John joke here.

Lilia decided she didn't want to stand still for a group shot. Who needs swim trucks when underpants will do?!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Super Saturday and Sunday

Once again, limited access to facebook has me "publishing" pictures on my blog knowing they will eventually make it to facebook in the form of a "note."

TJ is always around Ella. He is always in her face and thankfully she doesn't seem to mind.

If TJ isn't in Ella's face, he is in Scooters personal space. That poor dog tolerates a lot!

Ayron and TJ in our "Tree Top" seats for the Tin Caps game...I have no clue what is up with Ayron's face!

TJ trying to enjoy the game. He was upset because he thought we were going to the game so that he could play, not sit and watch.

We took TJ down to the fountain to cool off. It took some persuasion, but once a little girl grabbed his hand and lead him into the water, we couldn't get him out!

He is stepping on one of the jets. He got a thrill when it came back on and shot him in the butt!

He was having a grand ole' time.

We let him continue his water time once we got home. We wanted to make sure he was good and tired! He is actually spraying the dog (off camera) in this shot.

Apparently he got thirsty.

Just relaxing on Daddy's chest.

Brief Moment of Panic

On Saturday and Sunday mornings I have the kids all to myself. This used to frighten me, but now that Isabella is on a schedule and TJ has become even more independent, the situation has turned from panic to delight.

I enjoy my time alone with my kids. I often put Isabella on the floor and let TJ talk/read to her. She loves him and it is apparent by her constant smile and giggles when he talks to her. He is ALWAYS in her face and she doesn't seem to mind. Scooter is even learning to like her. Scooter never showed any dislike towards her, but when we brought TJ home he was always with TJ. Scooter could really care less where Isabella is, but he will still follow TJ to the ends of the earth....dumb dog!

This past Saturday I had Isabella on the floor and was working on her physical therapy (she has some tight neck muscles) and TJ sat down beside her on the blanket. I had this brief panicked thought of, "Holy crap. I am responsible for these two. What was I thinking bringing two lives into this world?! How am I going to raise them to be polite, God fearing, respectable members of society?!" I had to remind myself that we have managed to keep TJ alive and safe for 3 years. He is polite and well mannered and just darn cute! I guess "faking it till you make it" is working so far with parenting. I just hope that I don't fail my kids in the parent department. At times I feel like I know what I am doing and other moments I feel like I have no control and no idea what I am doing. I guess every parent goes through that feeling so I shouldn't panic. It still amazes me that these two are mine!