Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cute Find

I found this while "stumble"ing with Firefox. I believe it fits my current mentalitiy.

My Resignation

Entertaining Website

My sister has recently discovered the "stumble" button that Mozilla Firefox has available. While "surfing" the internet yesterday, we found the funniest site. Yes, by some it may be viewed as "just wrong" or "evil." It is rather amusing, in a sick and twisted way. It is called Bubble Girl.

Try it out, I bet you'll be amazed, or atleast mildly entertained.

I Finally Have A Nephew

I have been blessed with four beautiful nieces, McKenna, Madison, Marisa, and Nina(a little bit hairy compared to the others) but I can say that I now have a nephew. My nephew is about 2 1/2 feet tall and probably well over 40 pounds. He likes to drool and he is blessed in the hair department. His name is Brutus. My brother-in-law got my sister-in-law a puppy for her birthday. Making sure that he wouldn't be the only guy in the house, the only stipulation was that the puppy be a boy. Brutus will come home tomorrow. They have spent the week puppy proofing the house. I am questioning their decision to make the dog an indoor dog. I have nothing against indoor dogs, but when they will grow to be bigger than the humans in the house, decisions need to be rethunk. Brutus is a full blooded St. Bernard. My little niece can walk under the mom's belly without even touching her belly, and the dad was bigger than that. As my father-in-law says, "An indoor dog?! Have you ever seen a cow poop in the living room?" If nothing else, this should prove to be entertaining!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are the doors open or is it me?

I couldn't sleep last night and for some reason I kept replaying a conversation I had with JO at The Gathering (our Bible Study) some weeks ago. We were talking about how God does open doors but he won't physically pick you up and guide you through them. You have to be willing to meet God in the middle. He'll open the door, but you need to do stuff to prove to God the door needs to be open and then make the effort to walk through the door. So back to why I wasn't able to sleep last night...

I am getting frustrated about not finding a job. Yes I work at the country club, but that doesn't really help pay the bills. I feel like I have done a ton to get a job in the education field, but I feel like I'm stuck in a room with an unopened door and no windows to crawl through. Then I begin to wonder, is the door slightly opened and I'm just not tugging on the handle enough? But then, how much do I tug? Do I tug so hard I pull the door off the hinges? Or do I wait until the door is opened some more by some divine force?

I'm pretty sure this whole thing is yet another lesson in patience from the big guy upstairs. I guess I just need to keep trying.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Well, after being told that I had yesterday off because they triple schedueled people, Ayron and I spent the day farting around in Fort Wayne. I did manage to go to the unemployment office first and apply for unemployment since I am not going back to G middle school in the fall. So I think I have done all of the menial steps to qualify for unemployment until I find a job.

I am not looking forward to tonight. I work 3-Close which isn't normally bad, but tonight will be busy because we are having an open house for a guy that works for us since his wife died. So that goes until 9, which means I can't really start cleaning till like 9:30 which means I wont get home till close to eleven, and then I have to be back to work at 7 on Saturday morning. I work saturday till 2, then come home and crash. Blech. So much for a relaxing birthday weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Mind Readers at the Credit Card Companies

I believe that Credit Card Companies employ mind readers. I had begun to attempt to set up a payment plan (just with myself) to get myself out of debt with Visa. I hadn't used the card in forever and had been paying as much as possible. So I came to mom's house today and grabbed my mail and thought it was my receipt for paying my bill over the phone. For giggles I opened the letter to find out that they upped my credit limit. Now, I am smart enough to realize that just because they have upped my limit does not mean I can pull it out of the dresser drawer and spend any money, but its just hilarious.

Down But Not Out

Trying to decide what to do with your life is a difficult decision, add in another life and the difficulty level sky rockets. Ayron has finally convinced me (along with my sister) to just start applying everywhere. So as soon as I apply for three in Plainfield Indiana this wonderful opportunity has begun to take shape for Ayron at work. While that is not 100% yet, it is still something he is exteremly excited about but he is hesitant to go ahead in the off chance I get a job somewhere else. I received a letter in the mail yesterday from my "job" at G Middle School that informed me that my position is not available next year. While that is dissapointing, I take it as a sign from God that I don't need to be there because of the stress Mr. M puts on everyone. Now as for the "Not Out" part.

I have applied for several jobs at DeKalb, Plainfield, and one that I'm particularly interested in in Steuben county. The Steuben County Youth Improvement Program is looking to hire a part time teacher at an unbelivable hourly rate (I could make more than a first year teacher in a traditional setting). That position would be really cool because as much as anyone wants a traditional classroom right off the bat I don't know if that is what I really want. Yes, if the opportunity comes along sign me up, but I think it would be cool to teach in a nontradtional setting.

Pray for guidance for Ayron and I.

Oh yea, I turn 23 on the 23rd!! We are going to go golfing. Yes, me, golfing. I went for the first time last sunday (yes, I work there, I just don't participate) with Ayron, Phil and Nikki. I had a ton of fun, I sucked, but I had a ton of fun! So for our (Nikki and My) birthdays we are going to try the back nine. We spent 3 1/2 hours doing the first nine at Garrett Country Club. I suck so I don't think I'll be volunteering to go with Dad anytime soon, but at least I'm trying!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Local Firefighter Is Now Famous

I personally know this guy and here are some interesting facts to keep in mind before reading the article.

1.) This man is a volunteer figherfighter that works under the direction of my brother in law.

2.) This man in deathly afraid of heights (attic fires are not his thing)

3.) He is easily influenced by peer pressure: I asked him if he would take a whole packet of pop rocks in his mouth along with half a can of coke. He then decided that since nothing was happening he would shake his head. When the "explosion" happened he kept his mouth shut and let the lava pour out his nose!!

4.) I know his comments were edited for the newspaper. Jeff would never say "..some scary crap." Jeff, when talking to his buddies would say, "Man that was some scary s.......!"

Probably the only fame he'll ever get, but its still funny to open the paper and read about the guy you can influence to do just about anything!!

Local Firefighter