Thursday, August 28, 2008

I wonder... many grapes you would have to eat to balance yourself out if you ate the statue?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Green

We are slowly going green at our house. Over the summer we have done 4 "green" projects. While they may not seem like much, I like to think that we are trying to put forth an effort.

We have started to fix some repairs in our bathroom and while the finishing touches are going slow, we will be piling in 3 times the insulation that was in the wall. We also found and fixed the leak and thus our water bill is lower (a plus!).

We have also stopped using our dryer (although we were forced to since it has recently grown a mind of its own and won't properly work). Everything gets hung up in the clothes line. While Ayron is embarrassed to see his underoos flapping in the wind I say, "We all wear underwear [I hope] so why is it a big deal to see it out flying in the wind?"

We recently decided to put in a fire pit. Instead of buying new bricks (call me thrifty) we dug up an old "patio" and used those bricks to ring our pit. So maybe that was an effort to be more thrifty on my part, but it turned into a green project! We recycled didn't we?

Yesterday we started our landscaping project. Well, we started it a long time ago when we had to replace our waterline, but that is a past post. We started placing mulch around our trees and up by our house (where the bushes used to be before we tore into the yard). Instead of buying mulch (that can be expensive) we went to the county compost pile and brought home a large trailer full for.....FREE!!! Once again, the thriftiness on my part could be to blame, but why not used a recycled tree for free?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do Feed the Monkey!

Last night we bought a high chair and I used my master abilities to assemble the chair. I began to think that I should have been an engineer...yeah, that wouldn't have ever happened.

We decided that we might as well break in the chair with Taylor's first cereal feeding. In his bed time bottle we mix in some rice cereal but he's never really had any off of a spoon. As you can see by the pictures I didn't use a bib. Some might call me stupid but he ate all of the cereal and never got any on his clothes!!

He loves to sit in his new high chair!
Ayron was trying to get him to laugh so I would be sprayed with cereal spit. Didn't work!

Open wide!!

As a reward I let him play with two spoons once he was done. TJ will be a drummer!

Since the dog patiently waited underneath the high chair for something to drop (nothing ever did) we decided to let him lick out the bowl.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let Me Fall

It's October again
Leaves are comin' down
One more year's come and gone
And nothing's changed at all
Wasn't I supposed to be someone
Who can face the things that I've been runnin' from

Let me feel I don't care if I break down
Let me fall
Even if I hit the ground
And if I
Cry a little
Die a little
At least I know I lived
Just a little

I become much too good
At being invincible
I'm an expert
At play at safe and keep it cool
But I swear
This isn't who I meant to be
I refuse to let my life Roll all over me

Let me feel
I don't care if I break down
Let me fall E
ven if I hit the ground
And if I
Cry a little
Die a little
At least I know I lived
Just a little

I wanna be somebody I,
I wanna be somebody
I wanna be somebody I,
I wanna be
Who can face the things that I've been
Runnin' from

Let me feel
I don't care if I break down
Let me fall
Even if I hit the ground
And if I
Cry a little
Die a little
At least I know I lived... I

t's October again Leaves are comin' down
One more year's come and gone
And nothing's changed at all...

Ever Wonder

Do you ever wonder how you got where you are? I find myself trying to figure that out lately. How does someone with an education degree become a home detention employee? How did my days becoming a battle to stay sane while dealing with stupid people? What did I do to "deserve" the threatening voicemails from a former student's parent? Who put the sign on my back that says, "Ask me stupid questions, I love it!"?

I also wonder how my students got where they are. In the past month I have ran into or reconnected with several students from my student teaching days (ahh, public school memories.) How did one end up in handcuffs in court? How did they grow up enough to get married? How/why did they trash everything that has been handed to them and end up in court for minor consumption? What allowed some to succeed while others failed?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Just another evening at our house

I took the video with my phone so that is why it is grainy and sideways. Taylor is actually cracking up laughing. It sounds like he is crying, but trust me he was having a blast. We can never get him on film laughing. Once we pull out the camera he just stops so this was a rare occasion.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Respect You!!

To all of you adminstrative assistants, I offer you my respect!

This past week our administrative assistant has been on a well deserved vacation. I have been filling in for her and let me tell you, this is not an easy task. Let me explain. In the summer I split my time between my comfy house office for the Youth Improvement Program (the program is run out of a semi-converted house) and the Community Corrections office. I know just enough about Home Detention to be mainly useful. I am not skilled at the multi-line telephone system. I am very proud that so far this week I haven't hung up on person nor have I accidentally pushed the panic button (you should have seen what happened when I accidentally hit it last time!). We currently have over 45 people on Home Detention and Thursday and Fridays are appointment days. I am answering the phone and since I sound like our administrative assistant people don't bother to tell me who they are, they just assume I know who they are!

So to all of you administrative assistants who not only keep us co-workers organized but everyone else who may come into the office, my hat is off to you!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer So Far

Here is a link to some pictures from this summer. The last couple shots are of Ayron's ankle injury from softball on Monday night. FYI, it's not broken just badly sprained.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Maybe we are related after all

I stole this from my sister's blog

Q: Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
A: Because if they flew over the bay, they'd be bagels.

So, me being full of quick wit (can you sense my sarcasm here?) called Natty up today and said "we have a lot of seagulls her in Angola so are they called 'angulls' (meaning it to sound like angles"? To which she replied, "Are they obtuse or acute?"

Dang, she wins the quick wit contest again. Guess that's why she is the OLD, oh I mean older sister.

Sleeping Scooter

As if him sleeping with his eyes open isn't creepy enough, he insisted on stealing my pillow and drooling on it!

My Husband...

is as graceful as an elephant tripping over a toothpick. That is how I would describe last nights softball game. Before I begin my tale, let me fill you in on some details.

1.) My husband usually hurts himself MAJORLY at least once a year. We thought it odd we passed the one year mark this year without any major injuries.

2.) Ayron was the pitcher for New Hope's church league softball team. We play for fun. We didn't win a game this season but we always had fun.

So last night was no exception to rule #2. We were behind by A LOT and Ayron knew it was going to be the last out of the game and season so he went for it. I didn't actually see him running from 3rd to home, but I did managed to catch a glimpse of him tripping over a hole by home plate (the other team was digging it for when they batted), tucking, and rolling.

IMMEDIATELY his ankle started to swell. We got him home and in the shower (he rolled in the dust) and called our doctor (other's don't like him, but he always answers when we page him). He told Ayron to wrap it, ice it, and keep it elevated. I managed to get him and Taylor to bed around 11pm. At midnight Ayron decided he wasn't comfortable so I helped him hop to the living room and I got him situated on the couch. I checked on Taylor and crawled back into the bed (I'll admit I was thrilled to have the WHOLE bed to myself). Apparently right after I fell asleep Ayron decided he needed to go to the restroom. Instead of calling my name and waking me up, the giant (If you haven't met my husband, he is ever bit of 6'9" and 340lbs) decided to crawl to the bathroom. This would have worked had he not gotten a cramp. He won't tell me how long he laid on the bathroom floor.

This morning he wouldn't let me help him to the bathroom so Taylor and I watched Daddy crawl to the bathroom and Taylor found this hilarious!

I had to call my mom to come babysit Ayron and Taylor today while I am at work. He goes to see the doctor and get x-rays at 1:15. At least he still has insurance!!