Friday, February 29, 2008

Worthless Attempt (again)

Tuesday I drove in horrible weather just to testify. Transport didn't bring up the student. Today I drove in horrible weather and I'm guessing transport won't show up again today. I'm waiting for the court house to call me back.......sigh......oh well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something's Gonna Happen

I have this feeling like something is going to happen. I don't know what, when, or to whom. It's odd. I've had these feelings since starting college. While I can't tell if it's a good or bad thing, I can tell that it will be big.

I had one of these feelings the day my sister in law was hit by a semi. I was fidgety all day, my stomach was upset, couldn't focus. I just kept thinking, "somethings not right today." I was right, that day went horribly wrong.

Not all of my feelings are bad. I had one not to long ago. Turns out a good friend was in labor. After hearing the news, my feeling didn't go away. After some more digging, found out my other friend was in labor too.

I'm not saying that I think I'll go into labor today, although that would be fine with me if I did. I just feel like something is going to happen. I think it's a good something......I don't know. Maybe I'll go take a walk in the snow and pray....maybe God will send a sign, or some contractions....

Torn (part II)

Yesterday was a bad day. The weather was horrible. I had planned on staying home and working from my couch. No such luck. I was called to testify on a case (previously mentioned in "Torn.").

Knowing that the weather was bad, I awoke super early. I managed to get myself looking like a human in the only dress outfit that still "fits." Being a county employee, khakis don't cut it in court. I was forced to wear heals. HEALS people, in the snow and ice!

I made the white knuckle drive to work. The interstate was just lovely, let me tell you. I hurried at pulled my reports and rehearsed my testimony. Every so gently skated (remember, I'm in heals) to the court house at 8:45. The case was to begin at 9. No one was around. Finally the judge walked out and asked me, "What are you doing here?" To which I replied, "I thought we had a 9 am date?"

Turns out the transport from Muncie decided not to run yesterday. They didn't bother to call the judge until 8:50 to say they weren't going to bring the juvenile up. Nothing like planning ahead people. So I turned around and white knuckle drove back home.

I neatly folded my outfit and placed it in a safe spot for Friday morning instead......GRRRR. Oh well, the life of a government employee is never boring (?).

Monday, February 25, 2008


I have a hard job. Physically it's not hard. Mentally and emotinally it takes a toll on you. I had two problem students. Both were in need of serious help that could not be provided here in the county.

One had court this morning and was placed in a facility that will provide the help needed by the individual. While I sort of feel like I failed the student, I also knew there was nothing I could do to help this person. I am not certified to deal with the issues this person carries on a daily basis.

I had another student who has been a situation from the start. We thought we had the whole thing under control until this morning when the box flew off the lid again. The situation was just resolved about 30 minutes ago with some help from probation and the police department. It broke my heart. I know deep down that this is the only way to get the person the help they need, but it still broke my heart. I couldn't stand to watch the cuffs go on. The sound mad me gag. I don't know how people can stay in this profession for long periods of time.

I like to think I'm making a difference. I know that I am. Last year my programs saved the county half a million dollars in placement costs, but days like today make you second guess.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm an aunt (again)

Sad update (2/25): I learned that one of the goats passed away this weekend. They were in the process of switching from bottle to feed and although they followed the feed instructions, it was too much for the little goat. McKenna was heart broken but she will be getting another one in two weeks.


I have three nieces on my husbands side of the family. Ranging in age from 12-4. The four year old is hilarious. Getting to her question takes some story telling so hang in there.

My nieces have become active in 4-H. The family now runs a small rabbit farm and they travel to shows with their prize winning rabbits (sounds funny doesn't it). Well, having done rabbits for two years, they wanted to try something a little more challenging. Enter in my 3 new nieces/newphews. All three girls now have goats. I am not sure what the gender of the goats are, but I do know they are goats. The older two girls' goats are still being bottle fed while my little niece's goat never nursed, it just took right to grain. Marisa is facinated with the bottle feeding and began asking questions.

They explained that when babies are born, they need their mommy to feed them. They showed her pictures of her being bottle fed, etc. Slowly putting two and two together she asked if I would feed Taylor. She was told yes, that I would be able to feed Taylor and maybe she could too.

She is still a little unclear about the basics of child making (fine by me) so her logic at times is hysterical. She is slowly getting the concept that Taylor is in "Aunt Marma's tummy" and he'll come out around Easter time. She thinks I am keeping him in there so that he can't meet her. We have to constantly reassure her that she will be able to see Taylor once he is here and we are not hiding him from her. Her little mind started going.

She wandered up to her dad and point blank asked him, "Do we all have little people inside of us?" Confused, he asked for clarification. She simply replied, "Little people. Do we all have them inside of us." My brother-in-law thought she was referring to the tv show "Little People Big World." He was still unsure where her question was going to lead so he called his wife into the room and had Marisa ask Mom. After some prying they got their explination. Marisa wondered if we all had little people inside of us and once we hit a certain point the little people would come out (apparently this is her theory on how babies are made). They happily let her believe that. After they were satisfied with the discussion Marisa asked one final question. "Do the little people push our poo out?" Completely caught of guard, they again had to ask for clarification. "Well when R had her baby in her tummy she went potty all the time and Marma goes potty all the time. Do the little people push our poo out for us?" Their answer, "No, your body does that on it's own."

She's still not convinced. So according to her I am hiding my child from her because I don't want him to met her and he is currently living in my tummy pushing poo out until around the time the Easter bunny shows up. I can't wait for this girl to hit kindergarden!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playing Dumb

Playing dumb does not work people. Well, ok, I'll admit, it may work for some people, but in the situation that occured yesterday, it failed.

Being outspoken and frustrated at the whole idea of playing dumb, I'm gonna lay it all out there for you.

My sister is in the middle of a transitional phase in her life. Not a big shocker to anyone who reads her blog. She uses her blog as a means of catharsis. I understand why she does that. We know that several friends as well as family members read our blogs. That is why the boring, often mundane situations are blogged about. We know that while we may not tell our mother certain aspects of our life (for our own reasons) we also know that she'll eventually figure it out. We are both adults and both have lives of our own and we both need the chances to fall on our faces as well as succeed on our own. Ok, enough background.

So my mom called me last night and tried to play dumb. "Have you talked to your sister lately?" Nope. Sure, we emailed, chatted, text messaged, but actually talking, nope. "Oh, well have you read her blog?" I lied. I knew where she was trying to get me to go and I am sick of her fishing. "Nope, I've been too busy at work." Mom got quiet. She knew I was on to her. I point blank told her, "Mom, I am not my sister's keeper. She is an adult and can take care of herself. The phone works both ways. If you want to talk to Nat, call her." She apparently didn't like my response. She immediatly called Ayron and tried the same fishing technique. Ayron flat out told her, "Yes I know what is going on, but no I will not tell you. It is not my place. If you want to know, ask Nat." Mom told Ayron, "But I'm supposed to play dumb." She heard it through the grapevine but was apparently told, "but you didn't hear it from me" type of lines.

I immediatly texted my sister and filled her in. No sense in mom trying to sneak attack her, although we all know/knew it was coming.

WHY PLAY DUMB? We all know you know. We purposely aren't playing your game because we want/need you to learn that the phone works both ways. We also know that if we blog something, eventually mom will learn about it. If anything was a big giant secret, why the heck would be blog about it for everyone to read?

I guess I'm just sick of everyone playing dumb, not just my family. It almost never works. If I find out you were playing dumb and it wasn't for a valid reason (right now I can't think of a valid reason) in my eyes, you appear more ignorant than you would have if you had been honest. Honesty people, what a concept. Yes, I know, I lied to my mother. I'm a hypocrite. But it was not my place to discuss my sister's life. My attempt to stay neurtral backfired and I ened up looking like a shmuck. Life goes on.

Why is honesty such a hard thing for people to follow? I know that it can be a hard thing to swallow. I've been burned by the truth, but I've also been burned worse when I found out the truth.

Ok, I'll put my soap box away for now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Testing, Testing

Here are my test shots with the new camera.

The nursery is slowly coming along. It looks trashed, but it's hard to clean and organize while the room is still a work in progress. I am hoping the wall paper border will come in today and it can be put up by the end of the week. It will line up with the bottom of the windows and is 9 inches high. That is why the "line" between the blue and green isn't perfect.

My New Toy

Our digital camera has been causing us some issues lately. It is the first model of the Kodak Easy Share and it has some years on it. We decided that with a baby on the way, we needed a new one. Thanks to our tax refund check we decided to go ahead and get one. I spent yesterday doing some research and price shopping. We probably could have saved $20 if we bought it off the internet, but I'm the type of person who likes to have the object in my hand right after I pay for it. So last night we went to Wal-Mart for the millionth time this month. They had the camera we wanted in stock, so we bought it. It is fun! I played around last night and took some pictures with it and I think it's the start of a beautiful relationship.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Unexpecting Sighting

Ayron and I spent Saturday afternoon diligently spending our tax refund check on neccesary baby items. We even had coupons (Oh my gosh, I'm turning into my mother!). But that's another blog. Anyways...

After a long afternoon of shopping we decided to eat at Casa's. When we got there, the wait was 45 minutes and there were a lot of gussied up concert goers. I knew that Rascal Flatts had a concert right across the street, but I thought it had already begun. We decided not to hang around and as we were walking out and complaining about the wait with a couple of gussied up concert goers we learned that due to illness the concert was cancelled. As we were pulling out of the parking lot, I happened to look across the street at all of the semis and buses. I was day dreaming about what it would be like to be on tour when I noticed a guy walking towards the parking booth attendant. It was Gary LeVox! There he was, just walking around the parking lot waiting for everything to be loaded up so they could hit the road. It was hysterical to watch him just hang out in the parking booth. A mini van full of teenage girls pulled into that entrance (obviously not aware that the concert had been canceled). Can you imagine the loudness of their screams when they realize they weren't talking to a parking lot attendant, but the lead singer of Rascal Flatts?

Ok, so the whole incident made my weekend. I was going to buy tickets to the show (having never been to a real concert) but I didn't because I knew that if I bought tickets, Taylor Josiah would decide to show up early. Now that the concert has been reschedueled for May 9, I'm wondering if I could find a pair of tickets....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Different Stages in Life

* This is not intended to tick anyone off, it is merely rambelings from my mind put into "print"

A friend recently told me she was sick of hearing about everyone's pregnancy news. She is not married nor is she pregnant, so I can understand that. She didn't say it to hurt my feelings and I know that. I don't think she hurt my feelings, but I'm sure I have some emotional conflict down in there some place that will shoot out if I don't ramble about it now.

I can see things from her point of view. Everyone around her is married and or having kids. She isn't and doesn't plan on having kids for some time. I try to keep my baby talk to her a minium, but I know that it slips out. It is the highlight of my life right now and I want to share it. I guess I don't stop to think how it might make her feel. I have several friends who are pregnant or who are trying right now and since we all have baby on the brain, we talk about baby related topics.

I can also see things from a different point of view. I have two friends (one is the previously mentioned friend) who are "single." By that I mean, not married. One is in a relationship and lives with the guy, the other is clearly single. Just as I am sure they are sick of hearing about baby things, I too get sick of hearing bar stories. I am not a drinker. I have never been a bar hopper. I've never been a partier. I don't stay out till 4 am. I get up at 4am to go potty, but I don't just stumble in at 4am. Don't they realize that I am not a fan of hearing their bar/drunken stories just like they aren't a fan of hearing my baby stories?

I guess it just boils down to being in two different places in our lives. I am throughly happy with my life and where I am at in my life. So I apologize if my baby talk is too much for you, but relalize that a majority of my friends are in the same stage as I am so that is what my mind is focused on.

Happy Happy Friday!

I am in a good mood, although looking at me you'd never be able to tell. I feel like crud today, but logging into your on line banking center and seeing that your check, your husband's check, and your tax refund check all were deposited this morning will make anyone giddy!

I was given a clean bill of health yesterday at the doctor's office, so last weeks blood pressure and protein scare were a fluke! I can go back to living life normally!!

Do keep me in your prayers over the next two weeks. I have two huge court cases that I am in the middle of concerning two of my students. I am struggling to pray that His will be done and not my wishes. It is tough, but in the end I hope the judge will know what to do.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sympathy Contractions Part II

My friend had her baby around 5pm last night. Little Hunter Michael came in at 7lbs. 1 ounce (I thought he'd be bigger) and approx. 21 inches long. I plan on going to see them tonight and hearing about her birthing experience. Don't worry, there is nothing she could tell me that would freak me out!

My contractions were so strong yesterday afternoon that I got to thinking...."I wonder if anyone else is in labor?" So I emailed a friend of mine, T, to see if his wife was in labor. Sure enough, this morning I got an email saying that an hour after I sent the email their little bundle of joy was born. Yesterday must have been a good day to have a boy!

I'm finally starting to look pregnant instead of just pudgy. When I walked into my other office yesterday my one co-worker went, "YOU'RE PREGNANT!" I was caught off guard. She knew I was, she gave me a gift, why is she so shocked now? When I questioned her she said, "Yeah, but now you finally look the part!" It cracked me up. I am starting to really have the signs of being 36 weeks prego. I have been able to avoid the swollen ankles (knock on wood) but just walking the block to my other office leaves me winded. Heck, getting dressed (mind you, in layers, it's cold here) makes me want to go back to bed for a quick nap! Only 33 more days till the due date!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Picking the Wrong Guy

This is out of the Herald-Republican today. It cracks me up because I know Marty McNeal from committee work and I can just picture him and hear what he thought the whole time.

"Hibbs admitted to robbing Steuben County Prosecutor's investigator Marty McNeal during the early morning hours of Nov. 3, 2207.

McNeal was approached by Hibbs outside an Angola gas station. Hibbs appared to have an object under his sweatshirt, and demanded money. McNeal gave him approximately $14 and then drew his sverice weapon and yelled "Stop, police."

Can you imagine the robber's train of thought? "Hey, I think I'll rob that guy!...Man, only $14 this is a crock...wait what...he's with the police....crap!"

Sympathy Contractions

I currently have a friend who is in labor. She has had a rough pregnancy and she is going early, but the doctor's are ok with it. Here is our conversation via text messages.

"Guess What? I'm in labor"

"R U at home or hospital?"

"Hosp. im 4cm. i got admitted @ 9"

"So you have nothing better to do than text me?"

"yeah, & try not 2 cry."

"we will come see you 2morrow. give you today with family and hunter."

"k! thanx. its not that bad yet. but drugs will be involved."

About a half an hour later I sent her the following text.

"Um, I'm having sympathy contractions for you. I've never had them this strong."

"Dont u go n2 labor 2!"

"I'm fine, rest and get ready to push."

"yeah, i'm getting closer 2 drugs."

"you should have packed your laptop to pass the time. they have free wi-fi. youre prob. a bit busy now though."

"jerry 4got it. but im just trying 2 get through the contractions. they r getting closer and closer."

"just rest. let us know if you need n e thing."

About an hour later, I received this text from her.

"Epidurals r great!"

I had to laugh. This girl has two tattos, one that spans from her hip up to her arm pit, her nose pierced and her ears pierced and her pain tolerance is so low. I know it's a different type of pain, but I thought she'd last longer without drugs.

My contractions haven't really let up all afternoon so I got nervous. I have another friend who is past due. I emailed her husband and told him I was having sympathy contracations and I wondered how his wife was. This is the guy who will email back in like 2 seconds flat. So far, no response...hmm...wonder if shes in labor too?!
I'm not nervous about giving birth. I'm amazed at what the human body can do. I've been reading books and have choosen the Bradley method of natural child birth. This involved no drugs, but working with your body to deliver in a natural way. I will say that I am not against drugs, but I'm not going to scream "EPIDURAL" at the first contractions. I can handle a lot of pain and was told by my surgeon (had my gallbladder out) that after that pain (my gallbladder was solid and about the size of tennis ball) child birth will be easy. I am just curious about how it will feel. I want to say that I did it natural and was completly "with it" the entire time. I will follow the advice of my nurse mid-wife but she is a firm believer in the Bradley method as well. It sounds odd, but I'm looking forward to the "pain." My mom says, "it's not pain, people just don't know what else to call it." I thought she was a bit crazy, till I read that exact same thing in my Bradley book. So mom hasn't lost it all after all. Hehe. I'm looking foward to the whole experience. People keep asking me if I'm nervous. Nope. I've done my reading, talked with others, planned with my nurse mid-wife and Ayron. My body will take over and I just have to cooperate with it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Check, Check, and Check Again

I did our taxes last week on I was semi-happy about our return, but everyone has been telling ayron we should be getting more back. We decided we would try to refile in like a month or two and see what we could find.

Turns out that Liberty Tax Services will check your turbo tax forms for free and tell you if you should refile. Ayron is going to go up there tonight and have them check our forms. If they can find a lot more money, then I'll be happy to pay their "refiling" fee.

Let's all pray we are getting more back!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Down to once a week

I now must go to the doctor once a week until Taylor decideds to join us. It is nice to know that once a week I'll have a half day of work, but planning for that half day is exhausting. I am not ready for maternity leave but am frantically trying to get everything in order.

When I went yesterday they did the normal "here's your cup" test and turns out I have protein in my urine. I joked with my father in law by saying, "I peed a steak!" My blood pressure was also sky high, even after resting. My level of protein was the lowest level, but they are still watching me. If it shows up again next week I get to spend a whole day collecting urine. Fun fun fun!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Are Your Bags Packed Yet?

My aunt asked me that question about a week and a half ago. At the time I was about 7 weeks away from my due date.

"Um, no?" And I'm still not packed. I am not sure what to bring. I am not afraid to admit my ignorance about this. I've never given birth before, I don't know what to bring. I can guess on some of the essentials. Slippers, night gowns, deoderant, shower stuff, etc. But I am wondering what I should bring that people normally forget.

My mom asked me the other day if my bag was packed (I don't know if she was serious or joking since she knew her sister had already asked me) and now I'm feeling guilty that it's not. What if I suddenly go into labor? I think I know why I am procrastinating. We already have enough stuff to get done (we are hopefully finishing the nursery this week) that I keep pushing the "bag packing" back. Plus, I live like 2 blocks from the hospital and my mom lives one block. If I don't have something, it's not like it will take forever to run and get it.

If any mom's (or dad's) have advice on what to pack, feel free to offer it now!

I was chatting this morning with an "ex" (it's a long story) who's wife has recently had a child. I asked him, "What's something out of the ordinary I should pack?" His answer. Swim trunks for Ayron! I was curious, is there a giant swimming pool I don't know about? He said that when his wife was in labor that had her sit on a birthing ball in the shower and had him spray her back with water. He said he wore his swim trunks. What a novel idea! I never would have thought about that! So swim trunks it is.

I promise I am going to start packing my bag this weekend. I know all of the basic tolietries but now I have to dig through our packed away summer clothes to find Ayron's swim trunks...see "ex's" can be helpful!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Bestest Sister In the Whole Wide World

I've always wanted an ipod. I don't know why. I'm not a materialistic person. I have an mp3 player with a usb port and it works just fine, but it is a pain to load songs on to and it has too many features. I use it, but usually not without a fight.

My sister got a free ipod 1G shuffle when she opened her new checking account. Guess what I got yesterday as a "baby shower" present! Hehe! I am currently loading my cds into itunes and then transfering them to the ipod! Hehe!

Baby Shower

Yesterday was my baby shower and it was fun! I just want to say thank you to everyone for everything. Especially Kelly, Emily and Pam! It was a blast and Ayron had fun playing with the rattles when I got them home. These are just a few of the pictures from yesterday's fun. A big thanks to the guys who played poker with Ayron during the shower. The diapers are greatly appreciated.
Me trying to c ompile my many bags. If anyone needs a baby shower bag, let me know. I have plenty.
Let's hope Taylor's feet aren't this big when he is born!
My lovely vibrating bouncy chair! I know this will come in handy when Taylor is fussy.
The dessert table! Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy!
I love this book! It always makes me cry!