Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Destruction Day 1

We officially moved out of our house yesterday morning. I had to laugh because 3 years ago (almost to the day) we moved out of my in-laws house and into our first home and now we are moving back in with my in-laws.

I decided to stop by the house on my way home to just see what had been done. I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away. We do have a Reeves Construction sign in our yard, so that means that all the nosey elderly neighbors came by at least twice to see what was going on. We have a large dumpster occupying our driveway and a construction trailer in the front yard. All of this I expected.

They gutted my house like a fish! I have a toilet in my living room. My brother in law thought it would be funny to sit it right where the recliner normal sits, he was right, it cracked me up. They tore up all the carpet and low and behold, we have really ugly 1950's tile that runs throughout the whole house. They tore out one whole bathroom wall, and half of the other. Took down my shower doors and ripped up the flooring. It looks really different, but knowing it will all be fixed soon is great.

Here is the kicker. It wouldn't be happening to anyone else but me. I just got off the phone with Tom (my contractor and father in law). Before we did any digging into the slab we had a guy come and mark the water lines. He marked them and we all thought that Tom's assumption was right. We assumed we would have to hack hammer up a large portion of the slab, fix the pipe, pour new cement, wait for it to cure, put in the walls, etc. Well, this morning Tom and Phil (my brother in law) started tearing up the concrete only to figure out that the guy had marked the lines wrong and we really didn't need to take up the slab to fix the broken pipe. So this whole remodel could have only taken a week, but since the moron marked the lines wrong, and we dug into cement, we are back at a 2 week process. I had to laugh, this would only happen to us. I was so excited when Tom told me, "Hey, the problem isn't where we thought, it will be a much faster and easier fix." Then he paused. I said, "Ok, just tell me." He said, "Too bad we already cut into the cement and tore up the floor only to find out we didn't have to do that." Bah Humbug!

I am going to take some pictures of our recently destroyed house tonight. It's kind of cool to be apart of the remodel from start to finish. It is great to know that the mold is finally out of my house and my new carpet is on its way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Not Sure

Right now I am not sure how I feel about anything. Part of me wants to just not care, but part of me knows that I can't do that. I think what I am trying to avoid feeling is a mix of frustration and misunderstanding. Not about anything in particular, but just life in general. If I can't pinpoint the source how am I supposed to fix it? I just keep wandering, "What am I supposed to learn from all of this?" I think I am supposed to learn to stand up for myself, and I took that first step this morning, but I know that it will be pushed aside and not taken seriously.

We have been dealing with the insurance mess since September and just finally got that all straightened out and the check will go into the bank this afternoon with the remodel starting on Monday. It is nice to know that the ball is finally rolling, and at a nice pace, on this project. It just took so long and I suddenly don't care any more. I don't want to make any more decisions, I don't want to call and complain to the insurance company anymore. I don't want to deal with the mess of boarding the dog and moving out for a week. I just don't care.

Work is another aspect that I am rapidly getting frustrated with. I feel like I am constantly getting dumped on, by everyone. Parents call and complain to me and get mad at me for their kid being expelled from school. HELLO?! They obviously did something to be expelled from school, don't get mad that I am offering you an alternative to juvenile detention. I feel like other individuals I have to associate with take me and my program for granted. No one asks me what I think or feel about situations, they just assume I will automatically do it. I feel like I am the only one watching my back and the only one looking out for the well being of my students. Someone has to care about them, why can't I?

I finally decided to express my concerns to the powers that be, but I have a feeling that they will just be brushed aside. How do I not let them get brushed aside without looking like a needy brat? How can I stand up for myself in a professional manner but not break down emotionally? I am not the type who can leave work at work. I often spend countless hours at night (when I should be sleeping) thinking of things I can say or do with the students to help them. I become emotionally attached to these kids. So many of them have parents that have written them off and the schools have tossed them aside, but all they need is a different teaching style, or someone to just care about them. They can sense when someone is being genuine and truly wants to see them succeed. So I carry all of their baggage along with mine and it makes me emotional. Heck, just sitting here typing this I am on the verge of tears. So how do I check those emotions at the door to make sure I don't get trampled?

Do I have to check those emotions at the door? If I show the emotions I am afraid I will be seen as weak, and that is not the image I want to portray. When men are assertive at work they are seen as strong and willing to take the lead. When women do it we are seen as bitches and bossy. Where is that fine line and how do I find it. I don't feel that what I am asking for is unreasonable. I know my worth and I think it is only fair to be given the respect that I feel I deserve and have earned. How do I make others see that? I constantly feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall and getting no where, so why don't I stop banging my head? What is it that makes me think I can actually bust down that wall? I know that there are several other paths around the wall, yet for some reason I can't stop hitting my head against it in an attempt to break it down.

I guess I'm just seeking advice, wisdom, personal experience, motivation, encouragement, whatever it is you have to give me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let the remodel begin!

Well, we finally got a check from the insurance company (we have been dealing with this since Sept. 23!). They made the check out to us and Chase Home Finance. We were afraid we would have to mail the check off to our mortgage company and then wait for someone to sign it and send it back. We decided to be clever and we called the Chase bank branch in Kendalville. The bank manager was able to get clearance and sign the check for us! I will be depositing that money this afternoon, then I will turn around and write a check for the exact same amount to Reeves Construction.

With the help of my mother in law, we were able to finally decide on paint colors for the bathroom. Last Friday we picked out the carpet for the house and our bedroom, but choosing paint turned into a sore subject. I literally threw a fit like a toddler in Home Depot because Ayron was not listening to me. It was childish, but I did get my point across. I was showing my mother in law the colors I liked and let me tell you, when her and I team up, Ayron and Tom (my father in law) lose every time! I got lucky because the colors I picked actually match really well with the flooring Ayron chose. I let Ayron pick the flooring before we even looked at paint, I have learned you have to pick your battles and in this case, it worked in my favor! The only choice left to make is what kind of flooring will go in the kitchen/dining room. That will be the last project done (during this whole remodel) so I have about a week before I really need to make my mind up on that.

This will be the color we paint the walls. The vanity/medicine cabinet/cabinet above the toilet will be this color. We choose Sand Shore for the ceiling and trim. Although, now that I look at Sand Shore on the website, I realize it looks nothing like the color sample I have before me. I guess I would describe it as a mix between a nice creamy egg shell and and a very pale brownish yellow...yeah, that sounds ugly...but it's not!

When I posted the color choices to facebook last night my smart alec cousin wrote back: You are going to get hungry while you look at the turtles with your toes in the sand sitting on the loo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Update

It seems like there is a lot going on in my life right now, but nothing major. Just lots of little things. I am in the mood to "blog" but since I really don't have a lot of blogworthy thoughts, here are some random things that have been happening in my life.

* Dawn got married! Yes folks, the girl who swore she'd always be single said, "I do." And it was awesome!

* My wireless is down at work. Not a big thing, just frustrating. I can't get it to work and of course I can't get the IT guy (my boss) to actually answer any of his phones or his email!

* We are moving. Nothing major, we just have to move out while the renovations are done to our house. The insurance company finally put a check in the mail yesterday. Ayron and I are going this afternoon to pick out the carpet for the hallway/living room, the carpet for our bedroom, and the tile for the dining room and the bathroom. Who know that one cracked pipe would cause so much damage! I am happy that my father-in-law is the contractor we are able to use. I would much rather "employ" someone I know than a stranger. Nothing like having strangers in and out of your house for a week. We will hopefully be able to stay with Ayron's parents during the remodel and Scooter will be boarded.

* TJ is learning all sorts of new things everyday and it amazes me. My mom takes him to the library on Tuesdays for library class and last night he proceeded to sing all of their songs to me. It was great, almost made me want to cry because Mom gets to experience all of this with him while I am at work. He even knew the motions. It was great! As soon as I got out the video camera to capture his little song and dance show, he clamed up and wouldn't even look at the camera.

* We are approaching the 3 year anniversary of my sister-in-laws accident and I will probably write that blog post today. It is amazing how 30 seconds 3 years ago can dramatically change several lives.

* I actually got on stage and did improv! It was for a women's group at church, but it was fun!

* Work is just as crazy, but I don't think I'd like it if I was bored. Ayron is still looking for another job as well as his unemployment to kick in. It is great that he can stay home with TJ on some days, but having that extra money would be nice too.

Well, I should find something to do so I can consider today productive!

Monday, November 02, 2009

2255B County Road 27, Waterloo IN

This post is not intended to be sad and sappy, rather a post to remember the crazy times had by all!!

2255 B, CR 27 will never be the same. Mr. and Mrs. B have sold the cabin. It is time for change in their lives. They no longer need to put forth the time and energy needed to maintain the cabin that we all grew up in. I mean we...all of us.

That cabin has housed people from all over the world. Some for just a brief summer experience, others for an entire school year. We jokingly began to call it, "IHOB: International House Of Bennett's."

The house welcomed everyone and their crazy antics. I remember one winter when all the Bennett kid's had friends over for a snowball fight. Well, due to a snow emergency, everything north of US 6 was closed and we were all snowed in. The Bennett's merely dug out all the spare blankets and pillows and we had one heck of sleep over! Don't forget Jarrod and Nick's Sunday chat's between both bathrooms. The fact that the walls didn't actually reach the ceiling. That sun room saw it's fair share of Euchre and Caboodle games (Marc always cheated!). The many pool parties and the pool side church service/baptismal. The campfires back in the woods and the fireworks across the road.

Who could forget the often seen, but never touched, Twoie (I am guessing on the spelling), or Bear and his chair on the deck. Don't forget Jade and Pudge and the numerous kittens.

That house is full of memories for people other than the family that lived there. I think I spent so much time there, they probably could have charged me rent! What are your favorite memories about the cabin?