Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Update

I just thought I'd post some recent photos. I haven't taken a lot lately because I have had the camera packed in my hospital bag for three weeks. It was so nice out last night, that even after the whole car mess, we all went outside to burn off some energy.

Who Needs Wednesdays

Seems like everything always happens to me on a Wednesday. I was hoping that yesterday would bring our family another member, but since it's Thursday and I still sit here with my belly smooshed against my desk, no such luck.

When I left work yesterday I discovered I had a flat tire. I went to my other office, borrowed a guy (Yes, I do know how to change a flat, but frankly, I am 40 weeks pregnant and didn't want to do it). After messing with it forever, we finally got the tire pulled off and discovered it was WAY more than just a flat tire. Apparently the front spring had snapped and sliced a huge gash in my tire. I don't know how I managed to get to work without the tire going flat or having a blow out (Thank You God for that!). There was a huge piece of spring just stuck in my tire. I called Ayron and he came up to Angola and took me home.

On the drive home we started calling our insurance company and mechanics. While we do have towing insurance, we do not have the $800 one place wanted to fix the whole mess. We found a place that would do it for $275, but they are backed up by 2 weeks. If I was already on maternity leave, it wouldn't be a big deal, but since we have no clue when this kid is coming out, we didn't think we could do the whole 2 week wait thing. I managed to stay calm the whole time this mess was unfolding. I never once cried or freaked out...that's a big deal for someone who is 40 weeks prego! I decided we would just go to mom's and pick up TJ. Then it hit me. My mom's neighbor is a big machine mechanic. He works on the cranes at places like SDI and he can also fix semis, etc. He was home so we went over and chatted with him.

Tony is an amazing guy. He shovels my mom's driveway, they take turns mowing the two yards, etc. Ayron asked him if he knew how to fix our problem and Tony laughed like it was as easy as licking an envelope. He said, "Got all the tools right there on my work truck. When you wanna do it?" So for $50 (and we buy the parts), some cupcakes, and some slave labor (Ayron is going to help him put the roof on his new shed), Tony is going to fix our car. It was at that point that I wanted to cry. I think Tony noticed because he said, "Ah, no biggie. Take a couple hours on Saturday and we'll get it fixed. Bring TJ over, drop him off to play with our kids (between him and his wife they have 5 kids), let Ayron and I fix the car and you go do something girly, like give birth or something."

So God Bless Tony!!!!!! That man is a saint!! So now I am sitting at work waiting for a tow truck to come get the car. I know that I shouldn't be surprised, after all He works in mysterious ways. Heck, He kept me calm the whole time yesterday!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Trying Something Different

The end is near, or so I hope. Seems like this week will provide me/us with the time to get the final puzzle pieces into place for Isabella's arrival. The nursery will be done tomorrow afternoon (just need to rip out the old carpet and put in the new) and the dresser will be brought up by the end of the week, hopefully.

With Isabella's birth we are going to try something different. Birth photography. We have a friend who is a photographer, Stephani Lynn. Stephani approached me over the weekend about wanting to expand her services by offering birth photography. She asked if we wanted her to photograph Isabella's birth. We decided that it would be an opportunity to get some once in a lifetime shots by a professional.

The more I think about it, the more I really want to do it, but the thought of exposing myself to someone in that fashion is a bit odd. I know that the pictures will be tastefully done and nothing anatomy wise will be shown, but it's still the idea. I immediately started to rethink the clothing I had packed, is that shallow?! I mean come on, I am already going to be sweating like a pig, I might as well look decent right?!

I am very excited about this and curious to see how it all plays out. Now if only Isabella would decide to show up!