Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Comic Standing

I don't usually watch such reality competition shows, but last night I got hooked on the "Last Comic Standing" auditions! The best clip is from next week. A comic with BellsPalsey was choosen to compete and his illness is highly visable. As he is limping across the stage the audience thinks it is part of his act. He stops, turns to the audience and says, "You realize you are all going to hell for laughing at me!" Cracked me up! The next funny one was from a guy (name I forgot): "If crabs have unprotected sex with each other do they get peoples?"

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer Job!!

I forgot! I was hired at the Garrett Country Club for a summer job that will carry over into October (but only after school once August begins). I start on Tuesday and I am really excited. The "owners/managers" are really nice and I had their daughter when I worked at the daycare. It should be really fun, except now I have to learn more about golf. Do they make one of those "Golf for Dummies" here I come!

Pictures of Graduation

These are the pictures that the "professional" photographers took at the ceremony, but I say they weren't too professional, because I still look like me when I told them I wanted to look like Julia Stiles!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Did It!!

Well, I officially graduated on Wednesday. I got my diploma. My prof after causing unneeded amounts of stress came through at the last second and got my grade changed and I was given my diploma. I am so excited to be done, but it feels weird. I discovered that I get bored easily. an attempt to keep myself busy after work and during the summer, I have applied to work at the Garrett Country Club. I had my interview this morning and it sounds really promising. They will call in the next couple of days. It helps that I know the "Owners" because I had their daughter at the daycare. Hopefully I get the job because its good summer pay and tips and fun people to work with. Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Alcoholic Professor Screws Over A Graduating Senior

I received this email today from Professor X explaining why he gave everyone incompletes on their transcript.

If you have tried to find your course grade on OASIS or on WebCT, you will have become aware that you received an incomplete.

I was forced to take this step because I was unable to complete my grading in time, and I will systematically file incomplete removals in the next couple of days.

For most of you this is an inconvenience, as you have completed all your work, and have a right to expect a final grade in a timely manner. I apologize for the delay.

If your work is complete, your exam grade and course grade will post to WebCT, to which you should have access for some time. If you cannot find this information please e-mail me requesting it.Again, I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Ok, this would not be a problem if I wasn't graduating! Because of his inability to keep up on his grading I get screwed over and I will not be given my diploma till HE manages to fix the wrong he could have easily avoided! It is very frustrating to pay the consequences for a prof that is absent minded, unprepared for class and usually a wee bit tippsy. I sent a pleasant email to my advisor complaining and I sent an email back to the prof asking him to please get mine changed tonight or first thing in the morning and take the steps needed on his end to ensure I receive my diploma. GRRR..

On a lighter note I managed to find a cute top to wear with my black skirt to graduation. I'll look good, but I won't actually get my diploma!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Any time is a good time...

to blog! Picture this. I am quietly sleeping in on a Saturday morning which I never get to do and I get a phone call. On the other end is my sister screaming and crying. Not knowing what to do, I grab some pants and my left over bottle of Darvavet (prescription pain killers are valuable in almost any situation) and quickly get into town. My sister has managed to mess up her back and I am currently trying not to yawn because she so badly wants to, but can't becauase her back has decided that to yawn would only upset it. I am currently wedged between the wall and her legs. She is laying like she is giving birth (I once jokingly said "I see the head") with her feet in the sturrups (my knees). It's oddly comfortable. Hey, I'll do anything to get out of doing laundry.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Well I just finished with one of my finals. I think I did ok, maybe a B. What I'm mad about is the stupid extra paper I wrote for the class since I did the class independent study. I followed everything to the T and she still gave me a C. She said, "I thought you'd use more current articles." Well hell, 5 out of my 9 sources were current articles. The other 4 sources were things we have read for class. Grr, oh well. I'm to the point where as long as I get a C in the class I don't care. I still have one more final to do. It is a "take home" which sometimes can be harder than real final and I really don't have the ambition to do it, especially after the paper incident, but I have nothing better to do since Ayron has a soccer game around Ossian and won't be home till late tonight. Grrr. I'm resisting the urge to say "chuck it" and go shopping for my graduation outfit.