Monday, October 26, 2009

What is holding you back?

This weekend I was thinking of all the things I have wanted to do in my life (this occurred due to driving past Grade A Tattoo...this will come into play later). I started mentally creating a list of all the things I have always wanted to do, yet always come up with an excuse not to actually do them. It's not really a "bucket list" because I am not dying, nor am I in any hurry to start crossing these things off my list. It's just a list. I hope that by actually putting the list "out there" I can figure out what is keeping me from actually doing these things I want to do.

These are in no particular order. I would like to thank everyone now for NOT lecturing me on my list. I have thought through everything and let me remind you, this is just a list. I am 26 years old and am a "big girl." What I do decide to do or not do is my business. Thus ends the lecture for me. On to the list!

1. Get my nose pierced. Not a bull ring or anything. Just a small stud. Tiny perhaps. I know several teachers who have them, yet I wonder how professional it looks in an interview. Just a small sparkle looks nice on people.

2. Get a tattoo. We were driving past Grade A Tattoo this weekend and I saw their sign, "$50 Halloween Themed Tattoos." Really? Halloween themed? I wouldn't get a Halloween themed tattoo, but I have a couple of designs in mind. It would be something that means something to me. It would be drawn by a friend of mind (I don't want a cookie cutter style tattoo). It would be someplace on my body that could be hidden. The tattoo would be for me, not for anyone else. It would be small and tasteful. Heck I could get it and no one would know about it, yet I haven't.

3. Sing karaoke at a bar. Seeing as how I choose not to sing in public, this won't happen. It would require A LOT of alcohol and a large group of people willing to make a fool of themselves with me. Seeing as how I don't drink, this really doesn't look like it will happen. I hate watching American Idol, especially when the people think they really can sing and they can't. No need to put myself thru that kind of embarrassment.

4. Be a back up singer on tour. Back up singing is drastically different that #3. You are not the person the crowd came to see, thus, less pressure. Seeing as how lately all the backup singers I see are large women of the African American persuasion, I don't think this will happen either. I have offered to be a "forkette" (inside joke) for my friend who is a recording artist, but that has yet to happen.

5. Go on tour with a Broadway style show. I would love to be a roadie or techie for a show like Stomp or RENT. Oh how I would love RENT! They would have to tape my mouth shut because I would sing along to every song!

6. Backpack through Europe. I have been lucky enough to travel across seas twice now. I wish I had been a bit older and more mature so that I would have appreciated the opportunities that had been given to me.

7. Parasail in the Alps. I saw people doing this while I was in Austria and I asked someone and they wouldn't allow me to do it since I was an American an they didn't know if they could trust my insurance, yada yada. I never even asked my mom, I knew that answer would be, "No!"

8. Climb a tree. I haven't done that in a really long time. Seems simple right? My neighbor going up had an awesome willow tree in the backyard. It was great for climbing. We would spend hours lost in it's branches. Hiding from parents and siblings. Pretending we were pirates or thieves. It was a great time.

9. I wish I had the "balls" to tell several people how I truly feel and not feel guilty later. I am a people pleasure. If that means keeping my thoughts and opinions inside, I'll do it. There are several people I would like to confront (I don't mean in a bad way) and really tell them what I think of several issues. Yet, I sit here and "hide" behind my blog.

10. Scuba dive. I've never had the chance, but if I had, I would do it! I would not leave my cell phone in my pocket like Ayron did. Ocean water instantly kills a cell phone!

11. Be a designer and create clothes that fit real people. I have a hard time finding clothes that actually fit me. Just because I have a bigger tummy doesn't mean that I have a huge behind or thighs to match. I just have a tummy people! When it comes to Ayron, if we can find his inseam, the designers assume he is a toothpick. If we can find his waist, they assume he is a midget. It is very hard to find a 44 (he might be down to a 42 no2) x 36 or 38 pant! Oh, I would so totally design a comfortable bra (without underwire!) for odd sized people as well.

12. Learn how to fly. I don't mean, "jump off a roof and hope I land safely." I'd like to learn how to actually fly a plane.

13. Dance. See here's the thing. I have been banned from dancing in 40 of the 50 states and that is only because I haven't been to the other 10 states. I don't dance. I feel like I look like a giant dork tripping over her feet, so I choose to sit. I know this recently upset Tyler and for that I apologize, but I just don't dance. I never had dance lessons growing up and have no clue what I am doing. I used to do that macarana and the chicken dance is easy, but beyond that, I'm toast. I know this really upsets Ayron, but I just don't dance.

That is all I can think of for now....what have you always wanted to do and what is stopping you?

Friday, October 23, 2009

What Does The Doctor Get?

Read this article. I want to know what the doctor gets? He/She delivered a baby while the plane was landing. Should the doctor not be rewarded for their efforts?

Are you for real? Part II

I recently wrote a post about about how celebrities pay people to do ordinary things (Are You For Real?). Some celebrity paid someone to tie their shoes, or someone who was in charge of making sure the ipod is charged.

This morning I read an on line article about things that celebrities demand in their dressing rooms or in their prenuptial agreements.

Really Khole? Lifetime tickets for your entire family? $1k a month for beauty products? Who wears THAT much make up? I don't think that trashy drag queens wear that much make up! Let's say her and her soon to be husband are married for only 1 year. She would make a total of $597,000.00 in her first year. Sad thing is, she would probably blow through all that cash faster than any of the rest of us would/could.

I did like Kelly Clarkson's list. Nothing too outrageous, but I still think that if I were a celebrity my "demand" list would be even shorter. Although I am not really sure what I would demand.

Maybe some Dr. Pepper, Twizzlers, water, and Kraft macaroni and cheese. What would YOU ask for in your dressing room? Anything outrageous? Oh....maybe I'd hire someone just to bring me fresh Casa salad every night for dinner.....dang, now I want Casa salad!

Calling All Baseball Fans!

I know nothing about baseball, ok, well I know a little bit (3 bases, 2 teams, 1 bat, 1 ball). Ayron has recently began thinking about selling his baseball card collection. Seeing as how I no nothing about baseball or baseball cards I have no clue where to even begin on this process. I have asked him repeatedly if he really wants to sell them, and every time he tells me yes. Apparently collectors are paying nice money for them right now.

I don't even know what cards he has, but I know he has a lot. I think he has at least two Nolan Ryan rookie cards. Are those rare?

So I am asking for help. Where should I begin? Who (in the (Ft. Wayne area) would buy these cards? How much should we expect to get (I know that depends on the card)? How do we know we aren't getting ripped off?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Let me first say that we are NOT pregnant, I am just chubby! Now that I have clarified that point, let me move on. I do have several friends who are pregnant and one couple who will soon be adopting (I am so freaking happy for Nathan and Emily!!!!!!!)

Ayron and I have been discussing the thought of another child. This past summer my ovaries were tingling very hard, but the birth of three kids to friends of ours calmed them down. I was able to smoosh on the babies and hand them back once they had pooped themselves or after they had puked on me (Claire and Gage).

The ovaries are back in the tingle mode and it kind of sucks. It has made us have several conversations about when is the right time to start trying for #2. We had to use medicine to conceive Taylor (glucophage is actually a diabetic drug with the side effect of causing regular ovulation. Doesn't increase the risk of multiples, just helps you actually ovulate on schedule) and that took 3 months (that is the average time people are on the medicine before they conceive).

So we have been talking. What is a good age gap between children? Natalee and I are 7 1/2 years apart. I know that I was an unplanned pregnancy, my mother had a copper IUD. That caused some worry during her pregnancy. At one point they thought I would be down syndrome and who knows what else. But 26 years later, here I sit. Ayron and Phil are 8 years apart. JoEllen was married to Phil's dad and had Phil. Phil's father was killed in an automobile accident and then she married Tom (Ayron's dad). We both agree that 7 1/2 years is too long of an age gap between children. But what is a good age gap?

Ideally, I would like to have TJ a little more independent. He has grown so much in the past two weeks, but I would like to tackle potty training. Two kids in diapers scares me. Those suckers are amazingly expensive! Then comes the issue of space in our house. Ideally I'd like to get the backroom re-done so we can move the living room to that room, then move the office to what is now the living room. Then we can make that tiny room into another nursery. Ideally, if we had two boys at some point, bunk beds could be used in TJ's room now.

But age gap wise, what is a good gap? I think that my sister and I fought so much. In just the past couple years she has started to view me as an adult and less like the annoying little sister (which I NEVER was :) ). Ayron and his brother can finally hang out as friends.

I'm Funny?

Apparently I am funny. I was told several times this past weekend that I was funny. I got a phone call last night asking me to partake in an improv show because I am funny. Am I really that funny? I don't try to be funny, I really don't. I don't think I am funny, but maybe I am.

I am hesitant about agreeing to do the improv show. It is for a group at church. It's not like I am going up in front of a bunch of drunk people at a club. But seeing as how I don't view myself as funny, the thought of trying to be funny on the spot terrifies me.

If I don't feel I am funny, how can I be funny in front of a crowd? Improv? That scares me. Maybe if I knew what was going to be thrown at me I could plan to be funny. What if they hand me a band-aid and a chicken? How do I make that funny?

I still haven't made up my mind yet. I am a bit on the fence. I know that Layna really wants me to do it, and she swears I am funny, but really? Am I?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Seattle Here I Come

I am fortunate enough to be flying to Seattle Thursday morning (I will be up and in the air before the sun even thinks of waking up!). I am so excited! One of my very good friends is getting married. I have known Tyler since the 2nd grade. His mother used to babysit me. We drifted apart, went our own ways, but somehow we reconnected and I am pretty sure the Big Guy upstairs is responsible.

Tyler helps me see things from a different point of view. I often run my feelings, thoughts, words, by him before I open my mouth. He has a nice way of showing me that I am wrong!

I have only met Christine once, (unless you count a Skype bridal shower), and that was enough. I don't mean that in a bad way. After meeting her once, I knew she was the one for Tyler. It is nice to know that your friend has found THE ONE he will spend the rest of his life with.

It is amazing to see the love those two share and think about the possibilities their lives hold.

I think I am more nervous about this wedding than they are! I don't know if I would call it "nervous" or anxious. The last time we (Ayron will be doing a reading in the wedding) were all dressed up was our own wedding! I have a lovely black dress and Ayron's suit is at the cleaners. As much as I hate the gut sucking underpants and strapless bra, I can't wait to get all girly.

I have to wonder what I am walking into tho. Keep in mind that I haven't met Any of the people I will be in the wedding with (besides the couple and the grooms brother). All of these people are strangers to me. I have to wonder what they will think of me. I have already planned out my outfits (in order to make a good impression) and bought new make-up. I have to wonder why I care so much. I am not seeking their approval, they either like me or they don't, but I want them to see the best "Carma" I can be.

I am also nervous about flying. I haven't flown in years! We are carrying on our wedding outfits so I'm sure we will look odd lugging around formal wear in St. Louis (layover). My theory is, if they lose my luggage, there is always a place I can get pants and a shirt, but it is very hard to get a custom tailored bridesmaid dress, strapless bra, gut sucking underpants, and high heels on short notice!

I am ready to go, but sad about taking TJ. Taylor will be staying in Ft. Wayne with our friends. I trust them but I haven't left TJ for more than 2 days. Heck, when we leave him overnight with Ayron's parents all I do is putter around the house mumbling, "I miss Monkey!"

I am so excited, but I just want Thursday to be here so I can have a mini vacation and watch two love birds get married.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Detective Christine Mannina

This morning I took our three students to Trine University to listen to a lecture given by Detective Mannina from Indianapolis. She is also the lead person in Discovery Channel's "The Shift."

I was pleased to know that her best friend was the founder of the Whitley County Youth Improvement Program. (That is really besides the point, but it earns me brownie points in the "Six Degrees of Separation" game).

After meeting her and listening to her lecture, I can't wait to go home and set my dvr to record the show!

Check it out at: