Thursday, September 22, 2011


Domesticus is the nickname my dad has recently given me. I am not sure why everyone is so surprised by my ability to cook or be crafty. Both of my parents can cook and I have always been creative. Thanks to my recent fascination with, I am able to expand my recipe options and craft projects. I LOVE it.

I have greatly expanded my recipe collection (ask I type this, my 4" recipe binder is open on one side of the laptop while a pile of new recipes sits on my right, patiently waiting to be added to the collection). I enjoy trying new foods and making Ayron (he is a meat and potatoes type of guy) try them too. We have discovered quinoa and LOVE it. I just got sick of cooking the same 5 things over and over again and took matters into my own hands, no biggie.

I have also decided to make most (if not all) of our Christmas gifts this year. Why not? It's cheaper and more heartfelt. I can personalize it and truly make the present fit the person. I am excited to start buying my supplies and get working on those projects.

I also cracked out the sewing machine. My sewing machine used to be my Grandmother Reese's machine. My grandfather bought it for her 2 months before he passed (if my date calculations are correct....the receipt was still in the box). My mom helped me get it all set up and re threaded with the proper color thread (I still can't do that on my own!). So last night, I began my latest project. A blanket for Miss Isabella. I have never quilted anything in my life. My blanket making abilities encompass those "no sew" tie blankets and that is it. I decided to take the semi easy route (like my Dad always says, "Work smarter, not harder."). I found pink and brown (well, Ayron found them) bandannas that match Isabella's room. I am making them the front of the blanket. Last night I (Ok, ok. Mom came over and kinda hijacked my project and did all the sewing....I think it killed her that I was just going to wing it and see what happened) sewed the top panel. I am going to attempt the batting and backing tonight....we'll see how far I get!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I love them but come on now, give me a break!

This past weekend was Labor Day Weekend. In our household that means two things: Ayron's birthday and the disappearance of Ayron. For the past 3 years Ayron has worked some form of classic car auction in the Auburn area. Heck, he was even on the front page of yesterday's paper,(the smaller picture, look hard....on the, your other left....the big guy with his arm raised...yep. That's Ayron.)

He only really likes to skate inside. He flips as soon as he realizes you are going to attempt to get him to skate outside.

I told him if he was going to keep acting like a monkey, I would put him in the tree.....He wound up in the tree.

This is how he sits if he doesn't think anyone is watching. I don't know how he finds that comfortable, but he does.

When he realized I had my camera out, he instantly went back to sitting normally.

When you are rocking a black eye (accidental), you must rock a mohawk...regardless of your gender. Mohawks and black eyes go hand in hand.

And if you are rocking the mohawk and black eye, you must also then rock a derby t-shirt! Thanks to Dodger L. Bows for the t-shirt. FYI, the shirt is a 12 month sized and fits her 5 month.

This shirt cracks me up! She happily sat and watched while I cleaned her room, just like her father would have ;)

The kids are CRAZY when Ayron isn't home. Ella has always been a Daddy's girl and with TJ's traumatic 3' was "fun." At one point Sunday afternoon I called my mom and told her, "If you don't want me to sell at least one of your grand kids to a travel circus, please come over now!" I am happy to see that the pictures I took this weekend don't show me losing my sanity or my kids screaming, rather they show semi-happy kids!

Friday, September 02, 2011


We have been experiencing the traumatic threes with TJ. We didn't do the "terrible two" stage, so now I guess we are getting it even worse now that he is 3. We have found that rewarding his good behavior is the best thing. He loves slides and parks. If he has a good couple of days, we take an evening and go to the park. Since he often doesn't stand still for more than 2 seconds, I can't get many good pictures of him. But these two shots of Isabella crack me up.