Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Emotionally Spent

As I was driving to work today, trying to stay awake, I realized that I am emotionally spent. We went and looked at the house again last night, and changed our offer (to include the repairs of the central air etc...) and T, my father-in-law did a quick inspection. He was rambling off some stuff that needed to be fixed (I expected as much since it was built in the late 50's) and I was getting overwhelmed. I do not speak contractor or construction talk like the rest of my family. After several attempts at asking them to speak English, I gave up. It was C (our agent) that realized my frustration when she saw me curled up in the corner of the dining room, with my glasses in my lap and my head in my hands. She then spoke up and they listened to her and began to explain it in terms that I could understand. I am not as overwhelmed about the house buying thing as I was (we went and had dinner and they explained it to me) but it is still a big step for me. I have never even bought a car, let alone a house. So between the house, work and worrying about mom, I'm spent. Please God, no more. I don't think I can handle anymore. I sometimes wish I wasn't such an emotional person, but darn it all, I am.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Vacation Information

A and I made it to Grand Rapids and back safely this weekend. Our hotel experience was interseting, to say the least. We signed up for the "family fun weekend." With our package we were to get tokens to the game room, and a pizza, breadsticks, and a two-liter of pop. Well, we got there and decided to order our pizza. The pizza place was closed, it had closed earlier that week. We went and told the front desk, they were mortified and embarassed. After calling her manager, the person on duty had us order from another pizza place and they paid for the order. We then discovered that our remote control was broken. Five tries, and four remote controls later, the person on duty was finally able to get our tv working. She kept apologizing, but we were just happy to be away. And the icing on the cake! Our hotel, on Saturday, hosted not only real estate classes, but a swingers halloween party! It was hilarious! All of these drunk people walking around the hotel, in costume. Kind of creepy that it was a swingers party, but it was funny to tell the nuns what was going on in our hotel!

Friday, October 27, 2006

"Get a Little Mud on the Tires"

I have that song by Brad Paisley stuck in my head. I just came back from helping A deliver a port a john and the truck got stuck. Needless to say, A pushed, I drove. A ended up looking like he got pooped on, I stayed dry in the truck.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

You Know You've Worked on Your Laptop too Long...

...when you sit down at the desktop in your office and try to hit the touchpad on the keyboard. I've been doing all of my work on my laptop since they were reformatting the desktop in my office. When I sat down at the desktop this morning to do some emails, I tried to hit the touchpad! Yikes, It's been too long without a break! Luckily today is my Friday! I know, it's only Thursday, but I do not have work tomorrow, so technically, it's Friday!

We (A and I) had our first chiropractor appointments last night. Man! I didn't know how messed up my neck was! We did the pro adjuster way of adjusting your back. My neck was the worst that Dr. B has ever seen. Kind of cool, but then again, NOT! He had to work on my neck forever! He said, "No wonder you've been having headaches/migraines! I've never seen a neck this out of whack!" We also had "therapy." They put gel on your worst parts (my shoulders and neck) and with a wand the use electrodes to make your muscles move and loosen up! I didn't realize how bad my neck was till on the way home. I am a little sore today, but they say that is normal. We have a check up next week and then they are putting us on a monthly routine. Our insurance covers 12 visits a year. Heck, I like it already. I feel a foot taller!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last Night

We spent last evening over at A's house hanging out with Mimy (our two friends nickname). We had dinner and then carved our pumpkins. I manged to go home with everyone's seeds! Yummy! I plan on roasting them tonight!

Meanwhile, inside Carma's sick body...I have discovered that when I get sick with anything my back desides to punish me. Last night my back was so tight that I couldn't sit up straight. I had to take some painkillers just to be able to sleep. A is calling around to some chiropractor's today so hopefully we can go either tonight or tomorrow night before we leave for Grand Rapids.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daily ramblings

I went to the Dr. Yesterday after work, and guess what? I have the crap back in my lungs again. Since I had "walking pneumonia" my senior year in high school, every year when the weather changes, I get this horrible cough. I have a combination of that cough that burns and hurts and sinus infection. I'm on a Z-Pack. If I don't feel better by Friday I'm supposed to go back in and possibly have chest x-rays. So lets all pray that I feel better, because we cannot afford chest x-rays.

We are carving our pumpkins tonight! Yeah! We are getting together with M and A to eat dinner and carve our pumpkins. I bought a kit at Wal-Mart that has the tools and patterns. I'm mostly excited because I am going to keep all the seeds and roast them. Yummy! While most of the seeds will end up in my belly, I think I can manage to save some for my sister.

I have recently discovered myspace. While I don't have my own myspace, I find it interesting to read what others post. I also think it is funny to see how many people from my high school are on there! A ton of people have kids! It is also interesting to look up my student's pages. Do they not think that people look at this stuff? Who are they trying to impress? Anyways.

I'm getting excited about this weekend. Grand Rapids here we come! I could use a break! I just don't like knowing that I have a ton of laundry to do over the next couple of night so that we have clean clothes to pack! I can't wash any lights or white because our water softener is in the middle of being replaced and we have well water. Hopefully we can get it completely installed tonight!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Feeling Under The Weather

Blech. I do believe this little students of mine have infected me with their germs. I have been feeling icky all weekend. I took the generic type of "NyQuil" last night, but I still didn't sleep well. I managed to drag my butt to work today, since there is no one to cover me. I do have a dr.'s appointment today at 3:30, which means I have to leave work a half an hour early, which means no lunch break. I just want to go home and go back to bed. I wouldn't normally go to the dr., but I feel the ickiness in my throat, and it is time for me to have my annual tonsilitis. Plus, I have to be healthy for this weekend! A andI are going up to Grand Rapids to visit the sister and just get away. We have a wonderful hotel, with an indoor pool! We didn't swim once this summer! I'm thankful that this week is only a four day work week for my anyways. Hopefully this ickiness that I have can be taken care of with a Z pack. I hate the ten day antibiotics because they are ten days and they smell. Anyways. I should find something to do so I look productive when my boss comes back from lunch.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Rollercoaster Begins Again

Right after I posted the blog about beginning to like the idea of housesitting, BAM, the rollercoaster began again. I got a call from Mrs. V saying that their trip that they would leave for on Monday was cancelled. They are begin to wonder if they will even go for the two years. So now I don't know what we are going to do. I wish they knew so we could know.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Not So Confused

Ok, so I am more calm about the whole situation. We met with Mr. and Mrs. V last night about the housesitting thing. We are going to do it for two weeks while they go over and finalize housing. They leave for the two years in January. We wouldn't be locked in for the full two years, if we find our dream home or something like that, they would find someone else. They are really cool people and I am more at ease now about the whole thing. I think it will be a good time for Ayron and I to have some time alone and save up money. I think this will really be a good thing. We can pay off bills and get ahead finacially and up our credit score and get a better rate for a mortgage. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I think I have finally settled on "This could really be a good thing for us!"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm very confused and need advice

We were out looking at houses last night when my sister called me. To make a long story short, someone she goes to church with is being sent to China for two years for his job. They (him and his wife) are looking for someone to possibly housesit for that amount of time. The house is in a very nice part of town. It has a pool and big screen t.v. etc. At first I was really excited about the idea of being able to stay somewhere, virtually rent free (we'd pay utilities) for two years and save up money so we could actually build a house. The more I stayed awake last night thinking, the more I began to not be as excited. I want a house of my own. I want to get on with life. I finally have a "real" job and I'm ready for a house of my own. Sure it would be nice to live with minimal expenses, but two years is a long time! Heck, I haven't even been married two years yet. I'm torn because we have yet to find a house of our own. There is one in Kville that I like, but it needs some cosmetic work. I just don't know. I'm ready for life to begin but am I ready for a house payment? Wouldn't it be odd to live in someone else's home for two years. I don't think I'd ever relax. We are meeting with the couple tonight. I am trying to keep an open mind, but there are so many unknowns. We've never housesat for more than 2 weeks before. There's a big difference between two weeks and two years.

I tried praying about it last night, but it turned more into my mental ramblings. I know God got the point, but I'm sure it was pretty confusing. Is it so wrong to want a house of my own? Is it so wrong to think it would be cool to live in a nice place for two years? Would we become used to that lifestyle and then struggle when it came time to get a place of our own? There are so many questions. Please pray for answers. Hopefully this meeting tonight will answer some questions. I know that some say asking for a sign from God shows a weakness in your faith, but I don't know if I truly believe it. Couldn't asking for a sign be similar to asking for answers to our questions? If so, is it wrong to ask for answers? It's not like I expect God to send down the angel of housing and tell me which to choose, but I would like some guidance. That leads me to another question. How do you know if it's guidance you are getting or if you are being tricked by the devil. And where is J.O. when you need him. Lately he has been a voice of reason and inspiration to me, although I don't think he knows it. We are having a game party at K's house tomorrow night so hopefully he is there and I can pick his brain with all of my religious questions. Any one out there have any advice, thoughts, concerns, a house in the Auburn/Kendalville area we could buy??

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Over House Hunting

I am so over the excitement of house hunting! We put an offer in on a house last night (we toured 5!). The lady that owns the house is out of town taking care of a sick relative in Idaho so we gave her extra time to counter offer. We had a verbal counter offer today from her. She is not budging. To top it all off, the relator that is listing the house was not completly honest with our relator. I don't know what the technical word is, but here is what is happening. Someone already has an accepted offer on that same house. But they have some type of clause that they have to sell two houses of their own first before they can "offically" buy the one we put the offer in on. After/If we get an accepted offer from the home owner, the other people have 48 hours to sell those two houses. If they don't sell those two houses, then the house becomes ours. It's all a big mess. It seems that everytime I get my hopes up about a place, I get slammed back down into reality.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I Have THE BEST Husband

I would just like to say that I have THE BEST husband! Saturday I was suprised with several gifts from my loving and wonderful husband. I was given diamond earings, 20 European roses, and season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. I love that man! The roses are my favorite type too! The baby's breath has glitter. I know it sounds funny, they are my favorite because they have glitter, but I have dried every single flower A has ever given me. I keep some petals in jars, and I have several bunches of roses. I like the glitter baby's breath because it looks really neat when you dry the roses! Oh yeah, and he is a great cook! Last night he cooked chicken in a lime butter sauce, rice, crusty bread (our favorite) for dinner. I cooked a homemade (well the shell was a frozen one and the filling was canned, but I tried) apple pie. I just thought I'd take some time to brag about A because I know I don't do it enough!

Friday, October 13, 2006

My Eyes Are Burning

Ahhhh. So I had my eye appointment about three weeks ago and I found out that I have been wearing my contacts too much. I have the thirty day and night ones, so I have been wearing them for thirty days and nights. My eyes have changed and cannot handle that process, and I have developed some scaring on my left eye. The dr. told me to go one day a week without my contacts. I tried it two weeks ago and got a huge migraine. I thought it was a combination of stress from work, allergies, and my glasses being not the correct prescription. I tried taking my contacts out the other night and it felt like I had sand in my eye. I gave up and put my contacts back in. After giving up several times, I called Greg, my fairy step-mother (long story). So, here is what is happening in my normal language, not the dr. language that was used to describe it to me. My contacts have begun to suffocate my eye. My corneas are not getting the oxygenated blood they need. The sand feeling I was having was oxygenated blood actually getting to where it was supposed to be. So I have to go see Dr. H today and have my eyes looked at. Something was said about steroid drops. Oh..and the best part! I get to get new glasses. Only a dork like me gets excited about getting new glasses. I get new frames and lenses. Yeah!! Wow, I really am a dork!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Strike Two

Well....two swings and two strikes. We just heard back from the couple that we put an offer in on. They refuse to take anything less than what they have it listed at because they need that much money to pay of their mortgage.

It's getting very discouraging. I am beginning to think that we may never find a house. We can only afford so much....just pray for guidance and peace of mind.

First Night on the new Job

So, I manged to offer my services to the night program where I work. They were short handed after two employees left. I decided to offer my services one night a week. Heck, its only three hours more, and the pay is worth it. It's not at much pay as I make during the day program, but it is still extra money. I plan to use this extra money to make one extra house payment a year on our mortgage. I should bring home an extra $180 dollars a month with this extra job. For those of you with excellent math skills, you should be able to figure out how much they are paying me.

Congrat to the Nat (hehe it rhymes!)

A big congrats goes out to my Natty who was offered her job in Grand Rapids yesterday!!! Yeah Natty!!!

Strike One.....

The house we fell in love with in Avilla is way to expensive. The bank won't budge on how much they need to recoop their loses. We went house shopping yesterday and we found another house. I have decided not to get my hopes up by telling people where it is, how much we offered, etc. The family has until 6 tonight to counter offer/accept. Just pray that we find the right house for us.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Day!!

I was given a second student today! It's a refershing change of pace to have a motivated student who works, and works hard! Student #2 even worked through lunch. I had to beg him to take a break so I could catch up on grading his stuff and figure out what to assign him next! Student #1 is still frustrating, but Student #2 makes up for it.

We put an offer in on the house in Avilla last night. The bank has until Thursday to counter offer. Keep your fingers crossed!