Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crack me up! Funny text!


Ok, so I am sitting at my desk, minding my own business when I get the following text from a friend: "Ok...there is a turd in one of the women's restroom toilets that looks like a brown penis. Right size and shape."

What cracks me up about this is who it came from. I told her I wouldn't post her name, but I never thought she'd write a text like that. Sure, when we all get together we have stupid bathroom humor jokes, (the most inappropriate place you've passed gas, etc) but to get this text out of the blue just caught me off guard.

Ok, enough with the 6th grade boy type bathroom humor.


UPDATE: Once again, sitting at my desk, minding my one business when above mentioned friend texted me. "Aw sad. The penis shaped turd is gone. :-(

Seat Belts Part II

I recommend you read my previous post titled "Seat Belts" before reading this one.

I did my research about the seat belt law and discovered you don't have to legally weat a seat belt if you are in a vehical that is in a parade. I didn't let this new found knowledge stop me from writing a letter to the editor though. Here is the letter I submitted this morning.

Indiana law requires the use of seat belts. This law has some exceptions, one of them dealing with parades. Occupants in a vehicle in a parade are not required by law to wear a seat belt.

I attended the final parade of this year’s DeKalb County Free Fall Fair and I was shocked at the number of police and firefighters who were not wearing their seat belts. I understand that legally they are not required to buckle up, but what about the little children who are watching the parade and see their heroes not wearing a seat belt?

Children look up to our service men and women (be it police, fire fighters, armed forces, etc) and often want to mimic their behavior. Being someone’s hero/idol comes with the uniform, so why not set a good example during parades? During a parade, law enforcement and firefighters are driving slow enough that the children watching the parade can see them and the children notice if their heroes/idols aren’t wearing their seat belts.

Children are told time and time again to buckle up and that seat belts save lives. It would be nice if their heroes/idols followed the same rule we instill in our children, even during a slow moving parade.

I guess we'll wait and see if they publish it.

My letter was "published" in the Evening Star on October 2, 2008. Yeah me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bank Woes

Awhile back my bank was bought out. Soon after the buy out, all of the original staff was gone (some say they left, some say they were fired). Ever since the take over I haven't been happy.

Two weeks ago, Ayron's paycheck was deposited into the wrong account. After some phone calls, they corrected their mistake. Last week they removed $800 from our checking account without a valid reason. We are in the middle of a debate with them as to why. They say it was automatically deposited twice. I don't see how since it was a paper check (Ayron's last pay check from Taylor Rental) that I physically took to the bank. We have contacted Taylor Rental and they are working their bank to investigate it and they claim no one from their bank called our bank. Our bank swears someone from Taylor Rental called and told them about it. Well, lets think this through. Taylor Rental says no one called. Taylor Rental's bank says it wasn't withdrawn from their account twice. Our bank claims this check was from July 3. Why are they just now getting around to "fixing" this "mistake?"

Ayron is talking with KRUSE attorney today and Taylor Rental is on our side and they feel that money should be given back to us. Needless to say, we are playing it VERY TIGHTLY till this whole thing is figured out.

When Ayron was on the phone with the bank he was a bit grouchy (understandably). The lady said, "If you are going to talk to me like that I will refuse to help you." Hello?? Those phone conversations are recorded and you better believe I will be filing a complaint with the head bank. Ayron caught the lady in so many lies when talking to her it's not even funny.

So we are changing banks. I only wish we would have changed banks after the first incident. Please pray this all works out. We really need that money back to pay off some bills, etc.

I have been a wreck all weekend. Although I am a bit frantic about the whole thing (just sitting her typing about it has my hands shaking) I do have a sense of calm deep down within. I know it is Him asking me to trust Him. I do. I decided this morning I was giving it up to Him and letting His will be done. I still decided blog about it in hopes the blogging would allow me to really pass it all unto Him and pray that it all works out. Please keep us in your prayers. This could get messy, but I hope not.


I know many of you have facebook pages and many of you have seen this photos before, but I have family who do not have facebook pages and they like to see pictures of T. Monk (Taylor's new gangster name compliments of Auntie Dawn) so here are some links to newly updated photo albums on my facebook page.

Taylor Album II http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=41722&l=065f9&id=790068782

Taylor Album III http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=61631&l=2475e&id=790068782

Fair Pics (there are several of T. Monk) http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=60801&l=a7ea5&id=790068782

Child Stickers

** I know that I thought about blogging about this in the past, but I don't think I actually did. If I did, ignore this post. I will blame the memory relapse on lack of sleep due to a teething 6 month old.

After Taylor was born we decided we were going to put a "Tot Finder" sticker on his bedroom windows. I am paranoid about fire. It scares me. I have all the respect for my brother in law (Phil) and other fire fighters who rush into fires. THANK GOD FOR THEM!

So we decided to ask Phil about where to get a sticker. They don't make them anymore and they recommend you take them off your child's bedroom windows. Wanna know why? Child abductions. The stickers tell those perverts what room to go to. I think it is so sad that our society has gotten so far down the tubes that perverts use fire safety stickers to abduct children. If you have these stickers on your windows, please remove them. Instead, we were told to put reflective stickers on Taylor's bedroom door. One in the middle of the door and three across the bottom of the door.

I know those stickers might clash with your decor, but seriously, I'd rather it clash with my decor (wait, do I even have decor?) than have a firefighter unable to find my child.

I also thought having a fire plan was kind of cheesy, but now being a parent of a child and a dog I realized that I had no clue what we would do if the house caught on fire. I had a horrible dream and woke up one night and made Ayron help me figure out a plan. I get Taylor and the diaper bag, Ayron grabs the leash and Scooter and we meet in the Sheriff's driveway (I live in very safe neighborhood!).

I know it sounds corny, but still, it gave me piece of mind.

Seat Belts

Seat Belts are required in our state. While I don't know the extent of the law, I do know that in the front seat, regardless of vehicle, age, or weight, seat belts are required. I am a personal believer in seat belts. They have saved my life once (way back in fifth grade) and my sister in law's life. That being said.

If you are a police, sheriff, fire fighter, etc and you are in a parade WEAR A SEAT BELT! I get it, you are driving slow, you're not going to wreck. But keep in mind that you are driving slow enough that the kids watching the parade can see you. They can see that the police man isn't wearing a seat belt. What kind of example are you setting? I was appalled at how many police and fire fighters weren't wearing seat belts in the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair parade on Saturday.

Little kids looks up to people in uniform. I don't care if you like it or not, but they usually view people in uniform as heroes (as many of them are!) and they will mimic what their hero's do. SO WEAR A STINKING SEAT BELT!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lady Antebellum

Yesterday afternoon I was in no mood for crowds so I wasn't looking forward to going to the fair concert. But I am glad that I went. It was very cool. At first the music was so loud it was shaking my teeth, I kid you not!

I do wish that Kelly could have been there, but oh well. I did take some pictures and videos (on my phone so the quality isn't stellar) for those who couldn't be there (cough..kelly..cough...audrey).

I will say that the back up electric guitarist for Lady A had the coolest set of braids ever! When I saw the band setting up I thought it was a girl with Pocahontas style braids, then the lights came on! Opps. When he got to playing those braids got to swinging!

Ok, so they are pretty poor quality photos, but I used my phone people, what do you expect. Oh, and to the extremly short cowboy wannabe who sat in front of me, YOU HAVE A FREAKISHLY LARGE HEAD FOR SUCH A LITTLE MAN!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out of Nowhere

I have been looking forward to the concert at the fair tonight for some time now. It was fun to discover a new band that I hadn't heard of before. Heck, I have the lyrics memorized. I think I wore out my cd.

I was sitting at my desk taking a break from grant writing (my favorite thing ever...sarcasm at its finest folks) and surfing the net and all the sudden I didn't want to go tonight. Heck, I still don't. I don't know what brought on this feeling.

Could it be the afternoon sleepies? Nothing happened to trigger this emotion, so where did it come from? I just don't want to go all the sudden. Will I go, yeah. Am I looking forward to my "Baked Tater Boat" from Stan's Icy Delights, you betcha. So what's my deal?

Maybe my 30 minute drive home filled with a loud stereo and rolled down windows will help me feel better. I just feel icky and grouchy and don't really want to be around people. If only I had an elephant ear stand in my backyard.

You can hear the fair from my backyard. Last night I heard them announcing things in the 4-H ring. I wonder if I can just hang out by our fire pit and listen to the band.

Will I go, yes. I just hope my funky attitude is gone by then.

I Caved

Here is our theory on shoes. Why by shoes for a child who doesn't walk or who isn't even attempting to walk?

Based on that theory, we hadn't bought TJ any shoes, until today. I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break to grab a few things and I thought, "He is having pictures done Sunday, he should have shoes."

Here is his first pair of shoes.

Nothing fancy. No "designer" logo. They are a simple size 3 leather shoe. Heck, he'll fit in them for all of 2 months, so why spend a lot of $$ on them?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ok, so Taylor will have his 6th month pictures take this Sunday. Our photographer is an "on site" photographer and our house isn't a very cool place to have pictures taken. So I am asking all of you for suggestions. Where in Auburn or the surrounding area would be a good place with pretty backgrounds for pictures. I would like to do one family shot someplace cool too. Any ideas? Any at all? Really? Now I'm starting to panic....what is he going to wear? What should we wear? Crap, we should get some new clothes on Saturday after the parade......so much to do....I gotta go!

Here is a link to our photographers page. She is the coolest!! http://www.stephanilynnphotography.com/

Communication Skills

I have to wonder how now having free unlimited texting has effected my communication skills. I used to love talking on the phone, now I hate it. I have to do so many phone calls for work that by the time I get home, I usually just put my phone on vibrate and ignore it.

I was raised without a cell phone and I do remember the days before text messaging, but what about the generation of kids that have grown up with a cell phone attached to their hands. Do they have different communication skills than the rest of us?

There are many people I hardly actually talk to on the phone, but I text message all day. It doesn't mean I like them any less, but texting is easier. I can send the message when I have time and I can respond when I have a spare moment. Has my use of texting messed with my verbal communication skills? Personally, I don't think it has, but I do wonder about the younger generations.


So yesterday was goat judging at the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair. My nieces have joined the goat family this year and we were all excited since summer judging went so well. They show the female dairy goats in the summer (lack of space in the barn) and my middle niece, Madison, took grand champion. My oldest niece, McKenna, took reserve.

Last night they showed their two dairy meat (confusing for you? They are a dairy goat, but since they are males, they will be slaughtered. Before you freak out, do you eat Taco Bell? You eat goat, get over it) goats. In the showman ship judging neither once placed. Not a big surprise since this is their first year with goats.

Tootsie Pop and Herc were in the "Heavy Weight" category of goats (between 95-126 lbs). There were a total of 3 goats, so we thought we had the market cornered. Well, Madison won reserve grand champion!!! Then they bring in all the winning goats and pick a winner from the winners. Madison won reserve again!!

We were all so happy and proud, but my mind went to McKenna. You could tell she was heartbroken. My mother in law and I admitted it was cool to see Madison beat McKenna. McKenna always wins at the rabbits and it was cool to see Madison beaming from ear to ear.

We had to reassure McKenna that she will get better and that Madison did have the bigger goat (126lbs will make a lot of tacos at Taco Bell!). McKenna did bring 4 rabbits to the fair and Madison only brought 1, so her odds of winning over Madison in rabbits is pretty good.

I couldn't have been any prouder of my girls last night!!

Didn't We All Know??

So I was watching the news ticker on Good Morning America this morning as I was putting on my shoes. It seems that Clay Aiken is finally admitting he is gay. I didn't think this was big news? Didn't we all know? Weren't we just waiting for him to figure it out/announce it? Why does it matter? It won't change his singing voice? WHO CARES!?!?! Is this really news ticker worthy news? Is there nothing else going on in the world?

New Theory

I have a new theory. The professional female dancers on "Dancing With The Stars" do not have butt cracks. Ayron and I have been watching the show the past two nights (I can't dance, he wishes I would just try. I keep telling him I have been banned from dancing in 48 states and 3 countries in Europe) and we have been amazed at how low cut (in the back) some of the dresses are. Seriously? Do those ladies not have the same anatomy as the rest of us? Have they had them surgically removed?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Josh Groban

I am a Josh Groban fan. I think his voice is amazing. Last night's Emmy's showed a different side of Josh. It was hysterical to watch. It was like he was on crack! Check it out!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Airing Out Clean Laundry

Our dryer has been broken for some time now. We aren't in any hurry to fix it since the weather has been nice and we (by we I mean me) can utilize our clothes line.

Ayron hates when I hang laundry outside to dry for two reasons: "It's all stiff." "Everyone can see my underwear."

I solved the first complaint and started using fabric softener (I am in love with the scent of Snuggle Ayron brought!).

He is still upset about his underwear being outside. Unless you are in our backyard you aren't going to see our underwear drying. Why is it such a big deal? We all wear underwear and hopefully we all wash them regularly (after ONE wear), so why is it odd to see underwear hanging on a line to dry? It's not like we have odd underwear, so why does it matter?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finding Balance

I love my job, I truly do. It does have its drawbacks. It is very hard to be in the Criminal Justice field for any length of time and not become jaded.

This morning I arranged to have a student removed from my program (effective 3:30pm today) and taken to court for a placement. While I can't legally go into details, lets just say this isn't a shocker to anyone.

Part of me was relieved when her caseworker finally saw all that I did and agreed with me that we couldn't provide the services needed. I caught myself thinking, "Good, now I don't have to mess with her anymore." I instantly felt guilty.

99.9% of the students I work with just need someone who cares about them and who is willing to vocalize their concern. This is a double edges sword. Sometimes your care and concern blocks you from seeing your inabilities to truly help them.

Knowing that someone will be placed is heartbreaking and stomach wrenching. I know that I will be in court for the decision and I know how the family will react and I know that I will feel guilty. Did we really try everything? Will the family blame me for the judges decision?

After the decision was made this morning I literally became sick to my stomach. I wish I could help this student, but there are so many issues I am not qualified to address.

So how do I find the balance needed to stay in this job? How can I stay "jaded" enough to know when it is beyond my control, yet care enough to show these students that someone does care? The problem comes when the caring becomes so much that placement (even when you know it is the right thing) makes you physically ill. I cannot be ill all the time, but the fact is I do place students and it does hurt, emotionally and mentally.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can You Say "Redneck?"

Yes, that is a real cow. I'm surprised the guy doesn't have a confederate flag painted on the hood of his car (seriously, those of you who do: GET OVER IT, YOU LOST! MOVE ON!).

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ayron and I are parents of a teething almost 6 month old. When everyone asks how we stay "sane" they are amazed when I tell them we split the duties. They tell me I am lucky to have a husband who helps out. This confuses me.

Ayron and I take turns when it comes to nights (if TJ wakes up). Lately it has been rough because he is teething and sick and just plain grouchy and wakes himself up. We always ask for help from each other if we need it. If it is "your" night, you are the one responsibly for getting him up, fed, and dressed in the morning.

We take turns feeding, bathing, diapering, etc. Everyone is amazed that Ayron helps out. They are also shocked when I tell them that I expect his help just like he can expect my help. They are taken aback that I "expect" him to help. Why wouldn't I? Shouldn't the dad want to help? Afterall, he helped create the life, he can help nurture, feed, bathe, diaper, etc.

Is it really an odd thing to have a father who is willing to help take care of an infant? Am I really lucky? Are my expectations too high?

We are both working parents and we both log 35-40 hours a week. Even if I were a stay at home mother (I sometimes wish I could and I acknowledge the difficulty of this job) I would still expect Ayron to help out. I think/know that if/when baby #2 arrives (we are talking about adoption) we are both going to have to pitch in more. Why is it such a shock that Ayron helps me with Taylor? I just don't get it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yet Another Gray's Quote

I have been doing some "window" shopping on line. Ayron and I are taking Saturday to ourselves and shopping. Taylor needs some new clothes for the upcoming chilly weather and I have discovered two things.
1.) My child is FREAKISHLY LONG! Ok, I knew going into the pregnancy that Taylor wouldn't be a small child, look at his daddy! I didn't think he would be this "tall" already. Ayron didn't shoot up till middle school. TJ is already wearing 12 month (some 18) onesies because he is so long from shoulder to crotch!
2.) People pay a ridiculous amount of money for "baby/infant" clothing. Seriously, why do people pay so much money for something your child is going to:spit on, puke on, pee on, and grow out of. I am all about clearance items and "gently used." So my child may not be wearing the latest season of Carter's clothing line, WHO CARES! HE'S JUST GOING TO DROOL ON IT! He doesn't know any different!

Quote of the Day

"Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't. In face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant, wonder what the hell it is that make us hold it together." - Gray's Anatomy

I was half awake watching the Gray's rerun last night and I love the things that Meredith's character says. They always make me think.

What holds you together? To be honest, I am not sure I could pin point the one thing that holds me together. I know that mental issues run in my family and for some reason it appears that I am one of the lucky ones who has not had battles with any diseases. I know that my life is still young and the probability is good, but for now I am grateful. But I have to wonder, what does keep me from going crazy at the end of the day.

I think time, or the lack of, is part of what allows me to hold it together. I simply don't have the time for a mental breakdown. I have a son, husband, dog, students, family, employees, church family, friends, etc.

Faith is another "glue" that helps me hold it all together. I don't know how people make it thought the day without a belief in something. I am not going to use this as a soapbox to promote my faith, I am just stating, without a belief in someone higher and an after life, how do you make it through this life? How can someone make it through a day, let alone a lifetime not believing in an afterlife? Wouldn't it be depressing to think "I die and that's it."? It is so much more rewarding and encouraging to think, "One day I will leave these problems behind and walk the streets of gold."

What keeps you from going crazy?

Friday Morning Funny

I have seen this before but it still cracks me up!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Generic Store Brand Items

This picture was sent (via text message) to me from my sister. It cracked me up. Her caption? "I don't know, you tell me!"
Well, if the container says that it is 70% vegetable oil spread and real butter should contain more than 30% dairy product...I'm gonna say this IS NOT butter.

Interview Questions

I am compiling a list of interview questions to use in the future. I decided to search some websites to see if there were any questions I would like to use in my interview tomorrow. Check out the link and then tell me how you would answer #11.

Please read the link before proceeding to the rest of the post.

Nathan's comment made me think too...so what did I do? I googled the question, "Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?" and go the following answer.

The fuzz, more properly called felt, is usually made of wool treated with various additives to make it last longer and resist staining.


The tennis ball cover is rough but not like sandpaper. Looking closely at the felt you can see that air flows through those raised fabric filaments - better known as fuzz. So the surface of a tennis ball is a "porous surface." It's more like dealing with the wind blowing through leaves on a tree and just as complicated. The fuzz filaments act like tiny cylinders each having their own drag component. In addition to the skin friction drag from the cover itself, drag is created from the airflow over these fuzz fibers interacting with all the other fibers behind it. Rabi Mehta dubbed this phenomenon "fuzz drag."Experiments Mehta conducted also showed that as the ball speed increases the fuzz filaments lay down on the ball and the fuzz drag declines. Here are two pictures from the wind tunnel test. You can see in the picture on the right that the fuzz is closer to the ball's surface. The air passing over the ball on the left is about 45 mph, while on the ball on the right the air is 135 mph.


Researcher Rabi Mehta, working with students, discovered that the "fuzz" on a tennis ball created more drag than was previously believed, since each individual fuzz filament contributes to drag. In addition, he found that fuzz drag is particularly interesting since the fuzz filaments can change orientation during play and gradually wear off.


I am still wondering why you would ask this question in an interview? To test someones ability to formulate an answer on the spot? What other odd questions have YOU been asked during an interview?

Reason #354

I have a joke about a running list of reasons why I do not want my child to attend Eastside High School. This "joke" has lived so long for various reasons. I married and Eastside Grad. My brother in law and I are DeKalb grads while my husband and sister in law are former Blazers. Here are some of my reasons (Please keep in mind this is for fun. My nieces attend Eastside and I really don't have anything against the school, its teachers, or administrators).

1.) A cafetorium....really...seriously.....a cafeteria/gym/auditorium? This one is null and void now that the Millie Hansen Auditorium (and it is very cool) is now built.

2.) Have you ever been to Butler? That is all that needs to be said on that one!

3.) Ayron's driver's ed teacher feel asleep in the car while on the south side of Ft. Wayne....seriously? This man used to be a teacher at the school..."And today's lesson will focus on ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

4.) All of the crap Ayron and Josh got away with while attending Eastside. Seriously, they have some stories, many they will tell you more than once (I know Kelly is secretly agreeing with me).

I could go on but here is my latest reason.....

While driving through Butler on Saturday I noticed the McDonald's sign. I wish I would have taken a picture with my phone, but alas, I didn't. The sign read: All Drinks 1$. Yeah, I would bet it was an Eastside grad that put that sign up!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When it rains it pours...

or in my case.....when it gets dark, it gets REALLY dark.

Yesterday I had 5 light bulbs burn out at home and one at work. Do you think I have any replacement bulbs? NOPE!

It reminds me of the one day this summer when all of the smoke detectors at work decided to have low batteries. They were all beeping their annoying, yet life saving, warning tones at different times driving me nuts. I kept running from room to room waiting to hear a beep, only to hear it come from the other end of my office. It took me all day to figure out that all of the batteries needed replaced!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Perfect Prayer?

Last night was a rough night. Taylor has been easily sleeping from 9:30pm till 7:30am for a month now. Last night, that didn't happen. We fed him carrots for dinner and 10:15, anything he had eaten all day came flying out of his mouth and down my back and all over his pink carpet (yes he has pink carpet..big deal...he doesn't realize it). Ayron and I were up with him all night. He would fall asleep in our arms and as soon as his head would hit anything other than our chests, he would wake up screaming. I have never heard him scream like he did last night. Ayron and I took turns holding him and we each got very little sleep. I took the 4am-6am shift and while I was lying awake watching the red and blue lights dance around our living room (a police officer pulled someone over in front of our house) I started to pray.

I am not an eloquent prayer by any means. I don't think He expects us to be. Do I wish I could be the one with the confidence to say prayer before a big family meal? Yes, but I don't. I stumble, I repeat, I just plain sound silly.

So as I was praying for patience (for myself and Ayron), motherly wisdom, and wellness I found myself repeating things in my head before I "spoke" them. I was trying to "write" the perfect prayer in my head before I whispered the words. I had to laugh at myself. He knows my thoughts! He knew that I was thinking the same things over and over before vocalizing them. Why was I stressing out about making my words sound pretty. All He cares about is the fact that I brought my concerns to Him.

I think my yearning to be a "perfect prayer" has inhibited my prayer life. I will be the first to admit that I don't have a prayer schedule. I pray at the silliest times and the oddest places. I have prayed at the top of the Alps, I have prayed in the depths of the Grand Canyon (for energy to make the hike back up to the top!). I usually pray in the car. So why do I stress myself out over being an eloquent prayer. He knows my needs and He knows my heart. Maybe it is time to pick back up with my praying through drawing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Feeling Old

So today I am feeling old. Maybe it's due to lack of sleep. I was up sick all night (insert side blog here).
How come when a woman of childbearing age is sick and vomiting everyone asks her if she
is pregnant? Come on people, I just had a child. Let me get TJ potty trained before we
even attempt a second child. Between TJ, Scooter and Ayron I have my hands full.

Back to my point...I woke up and today I feel old. Here is why I feel old today.

1.) My youngest niece turns 5 at 9:30am. I remember the day she was born. My mom was actually in on the c-section. I remember holding her for the first time and how small and quiet she was. That is no longer. She has the wise cracking mouth of a trucker! She is hysterical and will always crack me up.

2.) My oldest niece just turned 12. Next year she will be a teenager! I don't think I am ready for that. She is already calculating that when she is 16, Taylor will be 4 and she will take him to football games and show him off....slow down sister, lets get through 13, 14, and 15 first! She has outgrown the High School Musical stage and I no longer know what to get her. Her present? A day of shopping with us (She likes to hang out with us, but she LOVES to hang out with TJ) in Ft. Wayne. Heck, she would be happy if we handed her TJ for a day!

3.) My husband turned 27 on Sunday. 27...I can't imagine turning 27. Ok, just kidding. I like to tease him because he is older.

4.) I have a husband. That fact alone makes me feel old. I got married young, and don't get me wrong I do not regret it. But I never thought I would get married. If you ask any of my high school friends I had decided to become a Bavarian nun and run around and sing like in The Sound of Music. I could SO pull of the dress made out of curtain look!

5.) I have a child. I am responsible for another human being. The big Man upstairs thought I was responsible enough to care for another life!

6.) My taste in music makes my students laugh. I usually play music during our breaks as a way to break up the boredom and create discussion. I recently put in a cd that came with my senior year book and the kids were laughing and calling the music "old." OLD? I graduated high school in 2001...then again, that was 7 years ago.

7.) I find myself saying, "Remember when..." like I am an old lady in a nursing home talking to my imaginary friend. Remember when we rushed inside from playing on Friday nights to catch Full House. Remember when we could play kickball in the cul-de-sac all evening.

8.) I see former students in court. While that is not always a pleasant occasion, I have seen two former students in court.

9.) Friends siblings are starting college this year. I remember when LW (if you are his older sibling you'll know who/what I am talking about) was a baby and we used to get in trouble because the walkie talkies interfered with the baby monitors.

Yeah, the more I write, the older I feel. I'm done writing!

From an email from LW's older brother....

"I've got another one you can add to your list - getting sick after 1 ride on the Gravitron. Christy and I went to the fair last week and decided to ride some rides. First thing we got on was the gravitron - which was my favorite ride in Auburn at the fair. I used to ride it 10 times a day on wristband nights. After one ride, I was feeling pretty green. That made me feel really old."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

4 please

This afternoon I dove into my mini fridge to discover that I left my lunch sitting on the counter at home. Bummer. I thought I could last all day with no lunch, but alas, George (that is what my stomach is named) made his anger known, so I headed to Burger King.

I ordered my sandwich and then decided to treat my students and employee with a piece of pie. I politely asked the lady if I could add 4 pieces of the Hershey Sundae pie to my order. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then it hit me, she thought I was going to eat all 4 pieces myself! I suddenly felt the need to justify my purchase, "I have some hungry co-workers." That seemed to change her attitude and she was more than willing to recalculate my order. I chuckled to myself on my way back to work. We all sat and ate our pie together (this is the closest thing these kids get to a family meal where everyone sits down at once) and chat. I couldn't even eat half of my piece. The pie was so rich. No wonder the lady looked at me funny when she thought I was going to eat all 4 pieces myself.

I am now patiently waiting for my sugar buzz to kick in!

No One Is Perfect

**This is not intended to start a political debate about what side is better. I am not the type of talk politics and frankly I can't wait till the elections are over!

McCain chose his running mate, Sarah Palin. That has been all over the news all weekend. Being in politics your life is scrutinized. Every detail from your schooling down to what ply of toilet paper you use (ok, so maybe not that drastic). I am getting fet up with the media. Before I start my rant, I will say that I do not know much about Palin or her family, that being said...

I heard the media glamorize Palin because while pregnant with her 5th child she and her husband learned their son would be down syndrome and they chose not to abort. Good for them. The media made them appear as to be godlike because they choose life. How many other couples who learn the same news get praised for their decision to carry the pregnancy full term and raise their child? Heck, they thought I was going to be down syndrome and they choose to keep me. Does that mean my parents should get a medal and standing ovation? How about the couple that knows their child will have Tae Sacks disease but decides to go ahead with the pregnancy and care for that child no matter what the problems? No one does a news story about the struggles they will face. Yes, I am grateful that they chose life and that child is lucky. He was born into a family that has the financial and emotional means to properly care for him.

This morning I heard that Palin is being criticized because her 17 year old daughter is pregnant by her 18 year old boyfriend. Ok, so I am not going to promote out of wedlock pregnancy but I do acknowledge that Palin was probably not in the bedroom prompting her daughter to have premarital sex. Point is, we can instill our values in our children and we can try our hardest to lead them down the path we feel is best, but we all have free will. We all make mistakes. How can we judge someone because a family member has made a decision we feel is wrong? If that were the case, I would have been damned a long time ago. We all would have!

Case and point....NO ONE IS PERFECT! How can be judge each other by acts committed by other people?

Don't Wanna Work

After going through my usual Monday morning routine at work this morning (yes I know it's a Tuesday, but yesterday was a holiday) I decided to cruise facebook to see what was new. I was surprised how many statuses (is that the correct pluralization??) mentioned not wanting to go to work.

Do THAT many people dislike their job? If you truly dislike your job, why do you still work there? How does your attitude about going to work effect your performance at work?

I'll admit, I have my days when I would rather stay at home, but it's not because I don't like my job. I love my job. I know it is difficult and I know that I have complained in the past, but I will admit that I have a cool job! I am basically my own boss and the principal of my own school which I help create. I get to met some very interesting students and while many of them are misunderstood and troublemakers, they are just seeking someone to connect with. I get to hear so many interesting stories and learn so many things from these kids (lets just say that TJ will not be able to get away with anything when he grows up!) On the days I want to stay home it is to be with TJ or Ayron or heck, even just chill with Scooter!

I hope I never get to the point that I dread getting up and going to work. That would be a shame.