Monday, February 27, 2006


New Diet, No Carbs, Hungry Tummy, Gonna Cheat, Grouchy Girl

Monday, February 20, 2006


I am so excited! RENT comes out on video tomorrow!! Yeah!! Hopefully our lovely (said sarcastically) wal-mart will have it in stock when I get out of work tomorrow.

I can't believe I actually drug my butt to campus today. I have a killer headache and something going on with my nose. I have had a constant nose bleed all day. Yuck. Well since I'm here on campus I should probably go to class!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Past

On my lovely drive to campus two days a week I have discovered that I use that time to reflect. Not a bad habit to have, but it can be detrimental. I have discovered that lately I have been beating myself up over mistakes I have made like 2 years ago. Why are these mistakes still haunting me? They are not causing any consequences now, they are done and over with, yet I still find myself thinking about them. Nothing would be drastically different I were given the opportunity to relive those moments, so why do I dwell?

On a lighter note, I did manage to start my 8 page paper today at work. I have two pages hand written. I usually don't hand write anything, but this "Chaucer" class could be the end of me!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Long Time No Blog...

It is amazing how you will avoid blogging until you get a chance to use cable internet instead of your dial-up. Not like I have had anything exciting to blog about. We managed to get our taxes done today, thanks to my internet savy sister. Getting more back than we had planned so we are going to pay off three credit cards and close those accounts! Yeah!! I am praying that this snow keeps up so that I would have a delay or maybe a cancellation of work tomorrow. I could use the day to organize the guest bedroom that I have trashed and work on a paper that is due this week. See, I told you my life was boring!

We went shopping yesterday at Kohl's thanks to my aunt! We bought some new pillows for our bed, a Betty Crocker bake-n-fill, and a set of really nice wine glasses. If only we had an actual kitchen of our own to put them in!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Why Don't We Just Shoot the Sucker!

After reading that the stupid little groundhog saw his shadow I have come to two conclusions:

ONE: Our country needs some help! This is just more proof that our country is young (compared to other parts of the world). What other country relies on a furry little animal that looks like a cross between a rat and a buck-tooth bunny to tell them the weather. People spend thousands of dollars to go to school and become meteorologists. Why don't we ask them? Heck they have fancy computers and radars to tell us the weather. But noooo, someone decided that we should base our weather on a fat fuzzy creature that lives in the ground!

TWO: Even though the whole concept is somewhat dumb, who ever decided what it meant when he saw his shadow must have been smoking some serious crack. As it goes now, if the creature sees his shadow, we have more winter. Does this seem backwards to anyone? If he was able to cast a shadow there must have been some sun. If there is sun, there is better weather ahead. Sun/shadow should equal spring. That stupid groundhog and the creator of the the whole event must have gone to IU to get their degree!

My father-in-law asked what I writing about and I said, "The groundhog thing." He said, "Heck, I think the little guy would look better with a bullet through him!" Ok, now don't go sending the authorities to our house. He is not actually going to waste his time and ammunition to kill something we could just hit over the head with a shovel (with this method, you get more exercise and that rewarding little "bing" noise when the skull is introduced to the shovel). Ok, I'm not really this sick and twisted, but it is funny to pretend. Crap, an after thought. If that little "Phil" guy (I mean the groundhog not my brother-in-law) shows up dead all fingers point to me. Hammy...I'll just turn and point to my father-in-law!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Electronics Anyone?!

Well in order to mainstream myself I have decided to begin looking at MP3 players and jump drives. While I do not plan on buying an actual "I Pod," I am looking at them just to see what is so facinating about them. If anyone has any advice on which brand works the best and is still reasonable, let me know.

I am in the computer lab at the IPFW library and the guy across from me is listening to music and "directing" the musicians. I started to laugh and then he looked up. It is funny what people do when they think no one is around!