Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It Get's Easier, Right?!

Lately TJ has been waking up in the middle of the night. He is prone to sleep walking and night terrors (we once witnessed him climb the corner in his room) so we just take him potty and put him back to bed, start his music (lullaby cd) and he goes right back to bed. That didn't work last night.
TJ and Ella have both been a little under the weather as have I. So when TJ woke up at 2 am and wanted AYron to lay down with him, Ayron did. Then at 2:30am Ayron came back to bed and the melt down of all meltdowns began. Screaming, crying, throwing things at the bedroom wall our two rooms share, etc. Finally at 3:15am I got him calmed down and was able to leave his room and get back into our bed. Then like 10 minutes later he came in our room, crying and I knew THAT cry. I recognized THAT cry. I told him, "You are fine. Get a pillow and just come here" (I was prepared to cave for the fact that I needed sleep). He didn't want to go get his pillow. He refused, and THAT cry got louder. I knew what was coming, yet I said, "Go get your pillow and you can sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy." Since he didn't want to walk the 4 steps back to his room to get his pillow he decided to vomit on our bedroom floor.
I was furious, but kept my cool. Took him to the bathroom, got him stripped down, cleaned up, re-pj'd, etc. Ayron cleaned up the vomit (it was just water, so we know he made himself do it), and we all piled into our bed....Scooter joined us. Granted, we have a king sized bed, but it was crowded. By the time we all got back in bed it was 4am. In like two minutes, TJ, Scooter and Ayron were snoring while I desperatly clung to what little piece of the giant bed and tiny corner of the comforter that wasn't already claimed.

Please tell me it gets easier? Even if it is a lie. I haven't slept for more than two hours straight in the past 8 months and it isn't because of the baby, it is because of the almost four year old!

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Anonymous said...

Underlying sibling rivalry??
Aunt L