Monday, November 10, 2008

The Beginning of the End

So I have a friend who is blogging (over several posts) about how she met her now husband. It got me thinking, "I wonder if I can remember all of my story." I have always wanted a daughter to tell the story too. Don't get be wrong I love Taylor and I am ecstatic we had a boy, but I think most women want a relationship with their daughters where they can discuss how "mom and dad" came to be.

In an attempt to test my memory, I have decided to see if I can document our (Ayron and I) meeting.

I started working at Scott's the summer before my senior year. That was THE place to work. There was a nice mix of DeKalb and Eastside students. We got along and soon were one big family. One night I was working and I had that annoying customer. You know, the one with a cut out (back when they did cutouts) and coupons for EVERYTHING, and a full cart to boot. I was one of the fastest and most accurate cashiers, but I secretly hated those customers. There were several other lanes open and I was dealing with the customer and her pickiness when I noticed a green giant (he had an Eastside jacket) in my lane. I thought, "What the heck dude? Why wait, go through Jen's line." But he waited. When I was finally able to ring up his order I must have gave him a funny glance. He had 2 gallons of milk and about 5 different cereals. He felt the need to tell me, "My parents are out of town." I thought, "Lovely, loser who can't cook."

After I had rang up his items, all the other cashiers started talking to him and asking when he was coming back to work. I ignored the chatter and went about my business. After he left, I looked at Jen and said, "So who's the moron who can't cook?" Jen looked at me and laughed, "Um your boss." I learned that his name was Ayron and he had graduated from Eastside and he took the summers off from Scott's to work for the family business.

When Ayron started back up at Scott's, I hated him. I thought he was always picking on me. Having me go do bathroom checks and bring in carts. Hello? Didn't he know I was a cashier, not a bagger? I always accused him of favoring the Eastside cashiers and frankly I wanted nothing to do with him. In November a former "fling" of mine returned home and I was happy to reestablish that relationship (it didn't work, THANK GOD).

By the time the end of December rolled around I had had enough of Auburn and was ready to split. School was pointless and I was getting sick of the small town views of some people. One night at work I was talking with Jen and we had decided we were going to take off, at least for the weekend. She had some extra cash and a car and we were set to just drive. I told her I would be back at the end of her shift and we could head out. She told me, "I have a feeling something is going to change, just call me here at 10." She knew something I didn't.

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