Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Give Taylor 11 Years...He'll Get There

I found this article on

7 feet tall at 12 years old

Brenden Adams says he's just a kid

He's 12 years old and seven feet tall. Seven feet and three inches to be exact.
Brenden Adams had all of his teeth at four months old. At age four, he was the size of an eight-year-old. And when he was 10, he was the size of Michael Jordan. He towers over his classmates. Adams has a problem with one of his chromosomes that helps regulate growth and development. As such, his bones and organs grow at an incredible rate, meaning frequent trips to the hospital. He's had a brain tumor, a bleeding disorder and surgery to remove 12 extra teeth. Doctors hope they can make him stop growing by bringing on puberty early. They've given him testosterone injections and so far they're working. As far as they can tell, Adams has stopped growing. Still, despite his height, Adams says, at heart, he's just a kid and loves riding his custom-made bike.

I hope they get his condition figured out. But I am guessing that Taylor will be the only 6 foot kindergartner!

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